Amina Sboui, from Femen to islamophobia and now a false denunciation.


The ex-femen member Amina Sboui will be presented to the court in Paris next october for a false denunciation.

At the begining of the current july, the Tunisian ex-feministe Amina Sboui has declared to the french authorities that she has been attacked by five islamists who threatened her by shaving her hair and eyebrows, which is today is said to be a false denunciation.



Today, Amina Sboui is placed  in custody for what she has annouced. Her lawyer declares: ” I am amazed, if i well understand, the policemen think that the attack has not taken place because it has not been filmed. Obviously, they are preaching the wrong to have the right. they have suspicions”.

Check out the false denonciation of Amina: