Turkey: Laughing Women Protesting

Turkish women started protesting this week on social media by posting their pictures laughing against the speech of the Turkish deputy prime minister.

BtzDUNQCEAEunjO “A woman should keep the moral uprightness, she doesn’t have the right to laugh loudly in public, she must always keep her decency”. This was the statement of the Turkish deputy prime minister Bulent Arinç last Monday, which has been responded to in a very strange way. It has been an explosion on the social network mainly Twitter and Facebook; many Turkish women posted their pictures in which they are laughing in public as the best way to defend their right. Ece Temelkuran, a Turkish novelist, was among the first women who protested on Twitter against “a scandalous and a conservative” statement. Few minutes later, her Twitter account overflows of laughing pictures. The Turkish women have massively joined the idea of the laughing protest. “It was extra-ordinary, almost beautiful” she commented to the BBC. IMG_0590 The actress Emma Watson, recently named as the ambassadress for the women’s rights in the United Nations, has posted her picture laughing, that is shared 18000 times in Twitter.