Morocco: A single mother is fighting against the social exclusion

Khadija, 27 years old, is a single mother who fights the Moroccan society for her son.



“I am fighting for my son in spite of the people’s looks and merciless judgments” Khadija declared in an interview with the AFP in Casablanca last month. The combat that thousands of Moroccan women, which Khadija takes part, are taking every day against the ghost of society.

“What we have learned at school about sexuality was very limited” she continued her witness. She was pregnant at the age of 2o, in a country where sexual relationships without marriage are forbidden. She has informed the biological father but he escaped his responsibility and disappeared for good. And she has found herself alone.

According to a study published in 2011 by the women defense association INSAF and the ONU, in the pregnancy case, more than 7 future fathers from 10 are informed, but most of them refuse to admit the child. And after the same report, almost 30.000 childbirths by single women are identified every year. These women are living in the exclusion, the reject, the discrimination and also the exploitation.

Khadija decided to leave her home village to give birth in Casablanca where nobody would pay much attention to her situation. Now her son is 6 years old.