Angelina Jolie: I have never been well-off as an actress


After a career of 32 years, the famous American star Angelina Jolie wants to stop being an actress.

” I have never been well-off as an actress, I have never loved to be in front of the camera” she declared to the newspaper “le jour”. Her first start being an actress was at the age of seven, her first appearance was in the movie ” Lookin’ to Get Out”.
Angelina Jolie in “Lookin’ to Get Out” at the age of 7

Angelina Jolie hopes most to devote to her humanitarian job and also her career as a director. ” I’ve never imagined before that I could be a director, but I hope that I will be able to build my new career because this can make me happier” she asserts.

Actually, she is assuring the success of her new movie “unbroken” that tells the story of Louis Zamperini, an athlete and war hero who has survived a plan crash.