Taj Haydar Is Not Dead!

Syrian actress Taj Haydar is alive, contrarily as the rumor says. This old rumor stated Taj Haydar dead in a car accident and it is what it is : only a rumor !

The only one thing that is true is that she isn’t in Bab el Hara anymore. Taj is currently playing in the Syrian series Ahl al Raya and this is for her the perfect occasion the prove that she is stil alive.

Morover, those who believed this rumor should have listened to Syrian actor Samer Al Masri, who plays Abou Shhab, who told numerous times that these are only silly rumors and that she’s alive, healthy and very well!

It’s easy: if there is no official statement, then it’s not true.The question is what could a person gain from spreading such a stupid rumor! The most supid are the people who believe this kind of rumor!