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  • Lira

    Hi Nadeen really u r amazing like ur sister Nancy. U 2 r soo beautiful and cute ladies

  • noura

    i dont think that nadeen is cute but nancy’s cute iam sorry but nadeen is 100% uglyer

  • yasmin

    the both r cuteeee and they look like so u can not tell which one is cuter god pless them

  • Sara

    Lebanesze Chiicksz
    xx mwaa
    Love them soo fucking much .. >> LooL <<
    xx. Sara

  • Sara

    oii ppl add me if u want on msn
    am not gonna givve u guysz ma msn but am giiving u ma yahoo addressszz

    Take a good care of yr-selfsz
    xx . mwaaa . xx

  • mona

    sorry but nancy ajram is prettier :)

  • melo

    nadine sister of nancy ajram completely a blend of nabil and nancy

  • ahlam

    you are both cute l love u nadine and nancy your so cute :)
    lets go nancy and nadine!!!!!!!! nadine and nancy add me on my msn on thanx love you

  • princess

    I accept that nancy is beautiful but this is not her real beauty .but in reality this is the magic of cosmetic surgery

  • rim

    you is cool nancy and nancy sister

  • Anonymous

    nadine are you not very beatiful nancy AJRAM IS BEATIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • maya

    pplz nancy amlili add plz

  • Not impressed

    @ Sara Lebanese chicks are overrated and are you must be really stupid to think everyone doesn’t know that all these women are 100% plastic.They’re wearing contacts to look european,they even bleach and get themselves remodeled.Is that beauty? No I don’t think so it’s a shame.I feel bad for the lebanese.

  • nariman

    hi h r u kefek nadein ana men leb esme nariman habet nkon ref2a w habet et3araf 3alla nancy w ente kaman l2anek ekhta yalla bye