Arabs : Sex Addicts ?!?

Yes, I know my question can be very shocking, but who really took the time to check it scientifically ?

I did, and that’s for you right now !

arabsex 300x228 Arabs : Sex Addicts ?!?

This is a picture from   , you can see which country types the most some keywords, such as ” sex ” ,” hayfa ” or simply ANYTHING. Try it !

What do we realize ?

The 2nd most addicted country to sex is …

arabsexx 300x104 Arabs : Sex Addicts ?!?

As you can see it’s EGYPT !!

The 3rd language used for searching sex is ARABIAN , WORLDWIDE !!

So… Arab world is frustrated , or is it simply a myth ?

Waiting for your feedback !

  • Asmahan

    LOOL it confirms that the arabian world is frustrated!

    Egypt 1 & Morocco 2 its only a confirmation, just see how men behave with girls in streets there :D