Nancy Ajram's Daughter: "Mila."

366 Nancy Ajrams Daughter: Mila.

Congratulations for Nancy, for his new girl,. She named her first daughter “Mila.” She welcomed “Mila” on 16 th may “Saturday”, Which it was her anniversary too!!! It is a great and a beautiful gift ….

  • mk

    cute i want to see mila

  • Mona

    when will you guys upload Milas pictures?

  • LOVE ? { L }

    HellO,i Love yOU Congratulation Nancy Ajram i Love YOu Forever

    I Love yOu SO Much and I Miss yOU SO Much and ThankS…love{ L }

    2000,2009 U.S.A

  • malak berri

    mabrouk la a7la nancy w 3a2bel ma teshoofe ur daughter mila 3aros

  • Nancy international star

    Conguratulations Nancy ajram you are the best!

  • miran

    ebhebek ya nancy!! mabrouk ala mila!!!!

  • Ghida

    Alf mabrouk nanous!w badna nshouf MILA

  • shahad

    i luv u so much and i wanna c mila


    love u nannouce but we love mila much more . she is more beauty then u so u didn’t put her pic.2ana ba3ref.t.c nannouce w natrine new album k?mwah

  • rawan

    2alef mabrouk ya 2a7la nancy bel dene kellla w 34a2bel ma tkoun mila bi jamelik ya 2amar moiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Alex

    Congratulations Nancy. I think your daughter is like you splemdid and gracful. God bless ur family.

  • lolo

    hi NANCY i love u so much you r amazing and your songs r very good i love you in the white dress. i am from lebanon but i teravel to canada^i wish u alawys be good.

  • riwa

    hi nancy. mabrouk 3akbal ma yesir aandik bent wa sabi. helo ktir aarsik ma hedreto bas akid helo alashen inti ili you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  • http://nancyajram sarah

    alef w alfein mabrouk 3achein mila

  • lea

    hi nancy : MILA is a nice name – luv u sooo much ya a7la star (K)w 3a2bel ma ysir 3endik dazzinet wleid 7elwin metlik ya amar

  • Taibaa

    alfff mabroooook nancyy ya a7laa najme fil 3aalaaaam <3

  • http://hello nahrin

    hello… nancy
    alef babrouk…… i want to see your daughter….

  • danyela

    is nancy muslim or chrestian?someone can say me exactly?

  • Morgan P.






  • hailey

    how dare u say that morgan p my husband is arab and they are nice people and im mexican

  • hailey

    im having a baby and im naming her after nancy ajram

  • hailey

    im naming ny daughter mila esperanza

  • Morgan P.


    yeah Mexicans are Arabs=same class=no class=cockroaches

  • Morgan P.

    hailey?? Mexican?? that is NOT a mexican name

    are you mexican american??

    hahahahaaa maybe he just wanted a green card

    NOT all ARABS are bad…but most are

    AND MOST mexicans are low class


  • Morgan P.

    Mila is a Russian name you Mexican wetback

    just name your child Lupe!

  • me

    if being in an upper class will make talk and think the way you do Morgan then i am really happy to be in a lower class.we respect french but we dont need to be except of arabs and we are so proud.and mila is an ancient arabic name so please do your research very well next time.

  • Morgan P.

    Used in:
    African, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili and Russian speaking countries

    Additional info:
    NO darling. You should do YOUR RESEARCH. Mila is a pet form of various names in eastern European languages, including the Czech Miloslava and Dobromila, the Polish Kamill and Emilia and the Russian Ludmilla. It is also used in Spanish for Emelia.

    It is also the Serbian and Bulgarian word for ‘pleasant’, and is a separate Swahili name meaning ‘traditions’.

    NO WHERE, NO WHERE IS this name ever proclaimed to be arabic, ancient or modern. THe only ancient arabic names I have heard of are: KOBRA AND SOGRA

    BY the way, the gulf arabs call you BELAD AL SHAMS people ZALAMAT WHICH TRUST ME IS VERY VERY NEGATIVE.

    OOH poor Pooor ISraeeeelis…forced to live around you guys!

  • dunya

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,congralution so much,really i am so happy for u .

  • noor

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,ur are very nice girl and i love u so much.and even i like ur action.congralutionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so much

  • { L } With My lOve { N }

    HellO My LovE ,Nancy Ajram IlOve yOu aNd I Love yOu Baby Mila And I MisS yOu SO Much And Thank yOu Nancy ,Mila ,Fadi , Nancy ,Mila Fadi, Are yOu Best And Thank yOu All SO Much ~~~>*lOve( L ) U.S *< ~~~ 2000/2009

  • Ahlem

    To Morgan P.
    Arabs nasty? what about you fucking americans living on arabs think being high class but the reality is you’re The under class look to yourself in the mirror and compare( racism,crimes,wars,obesity,lies,bribery,corruption, ghettos drugs prostitution no history no roots no culture….the list is exhaustive) and by the way you guys created plastic surgery for your sagging boobs and huge ass.Next time I see an american in Dubai I spit on their face coz they are disgusting.

  • http://saudia jhinelyn

    hlo nancy i lve u smuch u are the best singer lebannis only u i lve u 4ever nancy|

  • http://saudia jhinelyn

    nancy she is the best singer i lve u vrry m,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,uch nancy…………………u vrry vrry smuch cute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im crazy 4 u nancy@@@@@@@@ im jhinelyn frm philippens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,her n jeddah work n the hospital ansar

  • alia

    nancy ajram i love you very

  • doof

    nancey you are so beutiful and your songs the best arabic music nothing like all the other arabic singers the best in the middle east keepit up

  • maney

    congratulation for nancy i love you and i wish for you the best things

  • doof

    nancy ajram is goreuse im sure her daughter is to though her hubby not very much kinda looks old like 100 jk like 43 44 somthing like that but she is 1982 so she is alot younger then her lol


    is mila an arabic name i havent heard of it its cute though she should have named her haylie haha

  • saba

    hi i want to download nancy ajram all cool songs

  • saba

    hi if u like my name saba txt me to plz or k ?

  • dexe

    Morgan….. ur country sucks …. ur government is controlling u like ur dogs! screw you, u know nothing about arabs…. ur media sucks and ur all becoming sex animals…. its true u think ur animals and u are! hahaha i hope u stay that way …

  • saba

    hi can any one txt me sand me mail to my email plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • saba

    hea txt me or add me plz to . or plz ??????????????//

  • lea chalhoub

    hi nancy love u very much allf allf allllf mabrouk today wen i travel i saw in the newspaper u and mila and ur husbant i want to see mila plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and add me on ur email and send ur email to me allf allllllllf alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf mabrouk love u mila and husbant and u bye love u lea chalhoub.

  • nasma

    frist uhaniak tani jowjak muu 7elow

  • nasma

    i h8 nancy ajram ana baxib eliisa aktar

  • saba

    hi guys i am happy yous chat here now for nancy coz i went to haifa and heaps of people chating but not nancy not much people in here for her chating or anything why is that


    Hi Nancy i am from Pakistan your are the best singer in the world and Allah gives you a cute mila she is so beautiful like you .ALLAH bless your family .i wish you always be good.ya rab tekbar mila………

  • nazlin

    hi nancy i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo much i hope u send back in my e mail ok and Congratulations for ur new girl u shoud see how happy i am انا احبك i am libyan i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much please send back i love u bye

  • Selena Alii

    I Love Youu Nancy Ajram Youur My Faivorate Singer xoxoxo LOVE YOUU X

  • Ishfana

    M crzy on u NaNcY… I hav nevr seen a best singr lyk u in dz world…n ur voice z cute n swét wich cures all da pains in my heart n mak me hapy. I rly Lov u n ur fmly.. Allah bless u 4 evr.

  • Ishfana

    M ur fan from Sri Lanka. LovE U AlWayZ

  • heno

    love you nancy plz put mila picture

  • mery

    Morgan: one word…rott in hell!!!
    for all: am soooooo lucky tht my mom is lebanese…she teach me a lot…mish’taitliq mama