The Lebanese singer, Sabah and her daughter.

84a148c8f07kd The Lebanese singer, Sabah and her daughter.

Have a look at this picture. Here are the lebanese singer Sabah (81 years old) and her daughter Hwada. It’s just amazing, the mother looks younger than the daughter.

84a148c8f07kd The Lebanese singer, Sabah and her daughter.

  • Nissa

    oh my GOOOOD!!!! Its so amazing!

  • Amani

    Hahahaha =D

  • Hikmat

    Ya mamaaaaaaaaaaaa…. haha No Comment

  • Wowowow

    Mother looks like pussycat and daughter looks like old hog hahahaha

  • Amani

    hahahaha u said it!

  • Tou

    anno ana badde koun her son! lol

  • Sabbah Hilal

    sabah is still cute mashallah

  • samer kmash

    smalla ya sabbou7a alla ykhallilik hwaida wykhalliki lallebnaneyyi WE ADORE UUU

  • hadz

    god u guys should get out from under ur rocks, shes had more operations on her face then there are years in her age, her daughter should be proud of how she is and not ashamed of herself but rather ashamed that her 81 year old mother looks like a piece of plastic

  • Mariam

    And I always thought Micheal Jackson had more surgery then Sabah.. damnnn I sure was wrong… I just hope her face doesn’t start falling off piece by piece.. if ” Sabah” loved her daughter… she should buy her a birthday gift.. maybe PLASTIC SURGERY would make a great gift.. yallahhh ya Sabah make your daughters day.

    I’m a Barbie Gurl in a Barber World.. your fantastic in a plastic world…loool

  • http://April Mark

    Sabah is a sweetheart!!! Let us see who can do the same at her age.

    When she leaves us the old ways will be lost forever. I hope she will be waiting for me and we will sing together…

    Kisses for Sabah

  • Lara

    Sabah looks just UNBELIEVABLE!! FANTASTIC!! She is 82 years old, and yes, she did maybe more than 100 surgeries, but if this is the result, good for her!! Let’s not forget to add that plastic surgery may change your face, but Sabah has such an incredible energy in her body to stand up streight for hours and sing, and most women, at half her age, will be tired only by watching her….

    Kisses to you Sabah, and we are so proud you are LEBANESE, and one of a kind in the world!!!

  • lazhar

    we Algerian people do not really undersatand your last wrong statement regarding what happened in Sudan. You claim you heard bad words which is totally incredible since you cannot even understand our slang. Be fair once in your life.

  • Dr. Mustafa Mubasher

    Dear friends,

    Shame on you Algerian people for what happened from your people in Khartoum. It was very outrageous and unbecoming. I blame the Sudanese security that allowed your people to buy knives and swards and to attack unarmed civilian in that way.

  • nouhad

    sabbah always been emazing at least she had the natural beauty better than the lebanese singers who were ugly and did the surgeries to make them beautiful

  • ميار


  • Aya

    I love Sabah she sings very well her voice is very nice I watch every single thing about her life I love you Sabah your the best

  • cindie mouradian

    it’s disgusting. the mother had so many face lifts but the daughter didn’t

  • mariam salah

    wooooooooooooooooooow sabboooooo7a ur very cute and ur daughter 2
    but woooooooooooooooooooowf u married 9 times i lov u
    btw, 2na nos egyption we nos lebanese

  • Sabrina

    I think u r amazing woman if u live yr life with this honesty i like the show coz i love to know yr life story hope God be with u and be amazing woman as yr amazing songs

  • ahmed hatoum

    ta ta ta ta ta ta ta law kinte libnenye
    bouss il arzaat law kinte shi3iye w 3ali
    ma met ya youma shi3iye a7la
    banettttttt w ta ta ta ta ta

  • sarah

    inshallah rabi y khalini oumi ou abi
    fitouh y choufouni nenjeh :-)

  • Anonymous

    inti hélwé 3ayné ya 7obbi ma fiyi 2ellak addé b7ébak
    la2anno ma fiyé étkhayal 7ayati men dounak chi mousta 7ik
    ba3rif ennéh 3melét aghlat w bekhjal men 7alé aw2at bte2bal la3tina
    forssa méchén tozbat 3alé2etna, esmak w sourtak maktoubin b2albé bi 7rouf
    dahab lal 3omer kello

  • Anonyme

    Mabel7a2 redd 3a Kell wa7ad wa7do.3am choufkoun kelkon ya sabah

  • Renee Nassif

    Greetings from the US! I remember Sabah performing at one of our Arab-American Conventions during the 1970s. She was wonderful, kind, and a beautiful singer. After her performance, she publicly complimented the group as a beautiul representation of love and peace. I will always remember those gracious words. Sabeh performed for us, yet she was moved by our presence and our dancing. I wish I could tell her how much those words meant to me when I was a young teenager. Long Live Sabah!