Haifa Wehbe before surgery

haifa wehbe016 Haifa Wehbe before surgery

A comparation betwwen haifa’s old photos and her new ones !

  • pipo

    we want to see her without make up!!! She was better without surgery!!! Now her lips are not welldone and her noise too!!!

  • http://yahoo.com Anonymous

    She was always ugly! Always! Before her surgery she looked like a man and now she looks like a tranny with clown makeup on! What a vile disgusting woman I bet she smells like sh*t.Gross! I hate that b*tch!

  • sade

    she hasnt got plastic surgery only also i think she changed her skin clour

  • Anonymous

    She is beautiful even without surgeries

  • omg i cant beleive!! am not a big fan of haifa but!! wat a big change well she was pretty but now she looks like a barbie doll llol ”fake”

  • http://yahoo.com Hot lebanese gal 101

    She had surgeries,she bleached her skin,and she acts like a total wh*re not to mention she’s disgusting,ugghh check this out.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z548uw-yPRQ&feature=player_profilepage this.

  • Anonymous

    she is sexy after surgery

  • ddidi

    the old pic u have put, akkked it will be bad because it is old … show me your slef if you were her in that time.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody talk about you do you….

  • oula

    i think she is sexy me and my husband love her we wait 4 something new from her we even went 2 hollywood just 2 see her and a couple of others she is a beauty b4 and after surgery she is hot

  • soumia

    ana bahibak yaa haifa…..

  • eri

    shou hal manyake ya hayfa ro7i shoufilik chi er 3edi 3le ahsalik men akel l5ara al fenane al l2er ahsalik matkouni meterbe la2an ma hada chi 7ebik bas byetal3o fiki bas enek charmouta w aktaroun chabab ba2a ro7i 5ali kesek maftou7

  • sirin

    3anjad 3eb hal haki hayda walaw shou hayda ma3ad fi a5la2 aw mafi terbeye yse7elkoun tkouno metel hayfa ento ma lwahed li manou charif bi faker lkel metlou

  • FER

    That’s not haifa wehbe -.- u’re so idiot

  • Alexander


  • haifa wehbe

    hi there this is haifa writing
    this video is fake and was phtoshoped by some sick ppl
    and thanks for all comments that shows how us arabs are so black sick
    minded ,all we think about is the surface.
    thank god i am not those multi-girls in the video cos if this is really me,then only magic can make me the person i am now,wake up bitch if this shows something,it only shows hoW sick ugly jealous whores u are
    and by the way i smell like a BABY,a ternder baby scent is how my skin feels and smells……mooti aherr ente w sa7ebtek
    and take this finger from me and all my fans all over the planet.

  • haifa wehbe

    haifa wehbe
    thats a big lie bitch this is not haifa wehbe this has been photoshoped by 2 jealous whores
    mooto aherrrr…i smell like a baby a tender baby skin that feels and smells hot…sick arbs

  • alex

    hey girl is that you really
    yes this is not hayfa in the video i agree with you

  • Anonymous

    ge t’taime haifa

  • Nics

    I think she’s stunning and I don’t care how much surgery she’s had. Yes she looks like a Barbie… i.e. PERFECT!!! She wasn’t all that before, but good on her for going for it and making herself so flawless! My idol!!!

  • Anonymous

    does anyone who her nose surgeon

  • Haifa Wehbe

    That really WAS me before surgery. You can see pictures of me when i was young and with my first husband.
    I was ugly, i am addicted to surgery

  • Haifa Wehbe

    Yes that really IS HAIFA WEHBE
    She has had so many surgeries over the years, including wearing coloured contacts, skin bleaching, multiple boob jobs, multiple nose jobs, hair extentions, cheek implants put in (and then taken out) and so much more. All available on the internet to see Google it you will find out.
    All close up pics show her surgery scars on her nose and cheeks and lips from the left side of her nose too is horrible
    (thats why she poses on her mole side – or right hand side)

  • jasmine noshie

    well i think haifa is sexy but she shouldnt do that because shes muslim she shows half her body naked and for who the audience doesent she think about judgement day i think she should stop all that and get back to her brain

  • rose

    haifa you are shamming the muslims dont you know that allah is watching us 24 hours dont you know ayat al kursi well i guess not because you come up stage half naked arnt u ashamed of ur self

  • Nadia

    omgg all you seem so fcken jealouss..fcken jealous bitches.. i bet all you’sz are tired of crying at your ugly faces in the mirror and have no life but to talk bad about her..if she’s sooo ugly after surgery then why is she still so famous why was she miss lebanon why are millions of people are the world fans of hers you guys all need to get a lifee!! she a model/actress/mother/designer/singer and im so proud of her

  • Observer

    She was NOT ever Miss lebanon; and just because she is famous in the arab world it doesnt mean she is hot or sexy or beautiful. Famous = famous; nothing more nothing less.
    Having said that – She IS in my opinion very gorgeous! (especially 05-07 time Al Wadi time and in Ana Haifa clip etc.) Beautiful!
    Meanwhile – It’s not hard to get millions of horny pervert arab men to tune in to watch a half naked woman on the screen (and women to tune in, who want to be just like her and do that)….its not rocket science how haifa got the viewers.
    Truth is; some people will love Haifa and some people will hate her. Some will think she is pretty and some will think she is ugly. Some will think she was better before surgery and some will think she is better after.
    “Each to their own” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
    Whether you love her or hate her, think she is the best, or think she has no talent – What she has done is taken herself done things and forged a successful entertainment career and made herself one of the most recognised names in the arab world, and along with that much power and influence and money.

  • arefa

    she is so sweet but with surgery

  • unknown

    soooo uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……..

  • OndeeMia

    She is very beautiful. Also, those pictures did not all look like the same woman. Some of them look like several women but not her.

  • John

    what a waste!!!!
    she was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better looking before!