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“Bab al Hara 3″-”باب الحارة” is back for Ramadan month.

Bab%20Al%20Hara%203 Channel%20Box Bab al Hara 3 باب الحارة is back for Ramadan month.

Bab al-Hara (Arabic for “The Neighborhood’s Gate”) is one of the most popular television series in the Arab worl, watched by tens of millions of people from “poverty-stricken Gaza to the opulent cities of the Persian Gulf. The series chronicles the daily happenings and family dramas in a neighborhood in Damascus, Syria in the inter-war period under French rule when the local population yearned for independence. The third part of the serie will be back for Ramdan month! For more informations check it out!

Produced by Bassam al-Mulla and broadcast on MBC the first installment of the series, comprising 31 episodes, aired during Ramadan in 2006 and enjoyed broad viewership and a positive reception. The second installment, entitled Bab al-Hara 2, was highly anticipated, receiving even wider acclaim in Ramadan of 2007. A third installment to be aired in Ramadan of 2008 was officially announced on al-Arabiya channel in October 2007, and will focus on the post-marriage lives of the children of Abu Issam, the local doctor and barber. Here are some pictures taken from the series.


Bab al Hara, the first part

bab alhara 8 Bab al Hara 3 باب الحارة is back for Ramadan month.

Bab al Har, the second part

bab alhara Bab al Hara 3 باب الحارة is back for Ramadan month.

Bab%20al%20Hara%20(2) Bab al Hara 3 باب الحارة is back for Ramadan month.

Bab al Hara, part 3

Bab%20Al%20Hara%203 Channel%20Box Bab al Hara 3 باب الحارة is back for Ramadan month.

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Comments (37)

  1. avatar
    Nadine16 September 2008 Reply
    bab al hara by janninnnnnnnn!!! a7la l shi me3taz w abu shhab
  2. avatar
    bab al hara18 September 2008 Reply
    look allah ye7mik ya me3tazzzz w abu shhabbbbbbb……..10x 4 mbc 1 i love u me3taz and abu shhab plz give me ur email
  3. avatar
    bab20 September 2008 Reply
    ahla musalsal walla
  4. avatar
    bab al hara lover!!!24 September 2008 Reply
    love u mutaz if anyone has his email can i please, please, please, please have it as soon as possible if anyone as it send it to please!!!
  5. avatar
    karama24 September 2008 Reply
    i wanna be an actress whith bab hara 4 i’m so good try me i can be the second woman of abou chab
  6. avatar
    mamhoudkanawati24 September 2008 Reply
    hi bade t7otole bab l7ara 10 bye\
  7. avatar
    Leena Mahmaljy28 September 2008 Reply
    I love bab al hara !!!!
    I Love Love Love Love Love Abu-Shhab !!!! Al-Ageed Al-Abaday Ma3tez is ok !!!!
    But i hate 3sam man !!!!!!!!! Plz give me abu-shhab’s email !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. avatar
    jasim2 October 2008 Reply
    hi this is nice serieal i love it
  9. avatar
    ibrahim jeaara2 October 2008 Reply
    haida walla 2a7la film bel 3alam byekhod l3a2el bi ganen film ma fi meno tnen bel 3alam kelo bonotro ntara men yom la yom yaaaaala 2ala ywafe2kon film bi 3a2ed
  10. avatar
    nanaaa2 October 2008 Reply
    i looooooooooooovvveee me3tazz and anou sh-habb bmout bi rabboonn !!!
    ha ykoun fi bab l hara4??!??!
  11. avatar
    zeinab3 October 2008 Reply
    bab al-hara is really great i love it but it would have ben beter with abu 3sam!! altough i liked the other caracters. did u no that there is bab al-hara 4 thats perefect cuz abu 3sam is coming in it!!
  12. avatar
    Anonymous3 October 2008 Reply
    me3taz w abu shhab THE BEST
  13. avatar
    BAHAA ALIMEH3 October 2008 Reply
    I LOVE me3taz w abu shhab
  14. avatar
    Anonymous3 October 2008 Reply
  15. avatar
    noor3 October 2008 Reply
    the first great actor is abo 3esaam, he is the best, but you know he is not in the 3rd part. but in the 3dr part, ana bamooooooot fe mo3taz, lk wallah a7la wa7ed wa ba3do abo shab wa elle ba3do 5ater wa ba3deen 5ereia. lk mo3taz wa 5ereia be 3a8do ma3a ba3th eh wallah
  16. avatar
    majda3 October 2008 Reply
    he,he,he…deja c est la meilleur music que j ai jamais ecoute, mo3taz c est le meilleur acteur,jattend impatiament baba hara 4,grand mercia mbc et admiration a bassam almala0
  17. avatar
    sham adnan4 October 2008 Reply
    انا اسمى شام انا بحب معتز و ابوشاب او انا حبة امسل معكم انا من سوريا
  18. avatar
    sham adnan4 October 2008 Reply
    i love love abu shab and ma3taz i want to make drama with u
  19. avatar
    Emolicious.11 October 2008 Reply
    Akeed me3taz a7la she l2nu Derzi :P:P hehe lol w 2bu shhab bth b32du i wnt d old Jamilii bakkk!!
  20. avatar
    chaima16 October 2008 Reply
    me gusta un montón bab alhara, tada la gente marroquies que viven en españa le gusta un montón.
  21. avatar
    mamhoudkanawati30 October 2008 Reply
  22. avatar
    amina15 November 2008 Reply
    plz give me me3taz and aboshab email plz
    i luv them so much
  23. avatar
    amer13 April 2009 Reply
    ana shamy ba7eet we 7abib maseel maa3 al3a9eed abo shhaab plz hada jwalee ana mokeem fee KSA fee riyadh no : 00966508657055 my name is : amer alkhateeb from cha3oor wra7meet 3rebee sing : chamy
  24. avatar
    هاني ااوناسي28 August 2009 Reply
    انا هاني من تونس احب مسلسل باب ااحارةكثيرا واطلب منكم ان تورين ابو شهاب
  25. avatar
    هاني ااوناسي28 August 2009 Reply
    انا هاني يوعجبني دور نمس
  26. avatar
    هاني ااوناسي28 August 2009 Reply
    انا اريد ان امثل دور جاسوس
  27. avatar
    كربم15 September 2009 Reply
    مسلسل رائع بالتوفيق
  28. avatar
    sara29 April 2010 Reply
    احلى مسلسل شفت بحياتي
  29. avatar
    hoda13 July 2010 Reply
    l love u me3taz
  30. avatar
    hanan11 September 2010 Reply
    a7la shi teba3to b kel ramadan howe beb l 7ara ma fi menno tnen wala bisir ………w a7la shi me3taz w abo shhab…2oulo allah ya rjal
  31. avatar
    nwzad norway30 September 2010 Reply
    3jbni kitr daor m3tz
  32. avatar
    Rita3 February 2011 Reply
    i love babalhara alots iloveabu shhab it is a cute guy in babalharala we miss u alots xoxoxoxoxoxoox
  33. avatar
    Rita3 February 2011 Reply
    and my family love u alots xoxoxooxooxoxo
  34. avatar
    belghith najla29 March 2011 Reply
    ahla mousalsel choftou fi yayeti w koll ma a3awed el forja 3lih ma amillou
  35. avatar
    Anonymous11 February 2013 Reply
    me3taz best in bab al hara
  36. avatar
    bader11 February 2013 Reply
    abo izzam and abo gaudat and abo gazzem
    Ronaldo best in the world
  37. avatar
    Anonymous11 February 2013 Reply
    bab all hara loser

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