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EXCLUSIVE: Pictures taken from “Menekse ile Halil” Turkish serie.

menekse ilhalil 0021 255x300 EXCLUSIVE: Pictures taken from Menekse ile Halil Turkish serie.

Here are some pictures of the new Turkish serie “Menekse ile Halil” featuring the most famous Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, a.k.a. Muhannad from “Noor”

After the invade of “Noor” drama in Arabic televisions, would “Menekse ile Halil” do the same?


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Comments (20)

  1. avatar
    dagirsan30 September 2008 Reply
    he is more beautiful than her
  2. avatar
    christina1 October 2008 Reply
  3. avatar
    leila1111 October 2008 Reply
    noor a7la biktir minha
  4. avatar
    donadoni4 October 2008 Reply
    i cant imagine kivanc with another actress hehe i (we) got used to him with songul (gumus)….i dont know if this new series will be as successful as gumus
  5. avatar
    Lira11 October 2008 Reply
    This serie is really nice better than noor and this girl is better than noor. Menekse is like his age not like noor she looks older than him. And menekse ile halil has i nice story not like noor routine everyday the samething mohaned loves noor but he dont want nihal be married with another one and when noor knows coz nihal is still alive she was shocked and she lives the home. THAT’S IT
  6. avatar
    Anonymous11 October 2008 Reply
    yes we can’t imagine kivanc without songul and she’s not older only 4years and this one is so ugly…and did u see this photo’s, he is so cold not like photo’s in Gumus so close…
    it’s obvious they were in LOVE>>> so nice we miss them!!!!
  7. avatar
    rony18 October 2008 Reply
    menekse ile halil is a very good series and it is better than noor. the story is very romantic and they are very cute together. also the girl is so different, she is not like noor she is not always angry at him on the contrary she is very supportive and he is madly in love with her on the show. i hope it will be trraslated in arabic like noor . it is rally womderfull.
  8. avatar
    Noora26 October 2008 Reply
    menekse ile halil is an excellent series. I hope it gets translated soon. And i am sure it will succees same as Noor. Kivance Tatlitug is one of the best actors. I wish him all the best. Tomorrow is his birthday. Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns of the Day Mohannad.
  9. avatar
    chunky18 January 2009 Reply
    emta yenzel b2aaa w hayb2a to7fa 3shan kivanc fiiiiiiiii akiiiiid
  10. avatar
    lady lebanon1 February 2009 Reply
    does anybody know if or when it get translated in arabic and when we can watch it??? :)
  11. avatar
    lady lebanon4 February 2009 Reply
    yessss….we can wathci it in arabic now too!!!! :)المسلسل_التركي_ميرنا_و_خليل_حلقة_3.html
  12. avatar
    YASMINE5 February 2009 Reply
  13. avatar
    mayiz19 March 2009 Reply
    Noor SUCKS and she’s ugly. Her face is sooo fake, i swear, it’s not even beautiful…she did her nose and lips to TRY to look pretty.. Mirna on the other hand is muhc beautiful than noor. She is a little bit cold and dry but she has bauty when compared to NOOR. i like Mirna and Khalil better but the Film sucks at the end :S The film is fantastic but at the end, Khalil gets shot by Mustapha and both die along with Mithat. I hate films like that and i hate director of this film for putting such a lovely storey and a stupid ending like him.
  14. avatar
    amoula17 May 2009 Reply
    i like so so so so muuch this film
  15. avatar
    aya28 May 2009 Reply
    i love this tv show
  16. avatar
    time25 April 2010 Reply
    the film is perfekt bot j dont like the end j like so muuch to be with hapy ending
  17. avatar
    iana26 May 2010 Reply
    what kind of a stupid tv show is that?!? did you see the ending? its sooooooooooo dum and sooooooooo sad. i mean how can the main character die. its so stupid. gumus is a hundred times better and for your inforation songul is realy beutifull and menekse is soooooo ugly!!!!
  18. avatar
    viki16 February 2011 Reply
    this show might be interesting but not as much as GUMUS…knowing that the main caracter is bosnian in real life and now in the series is so awsome lol…its good he still thinks that his ansesters r bosnian and thats why they are bringing it up in this series i loveeeeeeeeeee u my bosnian blue eyed angel…kissessssssssss
  19. avatar
    ali21 January 2013 Reply
    meneske ile halil has been dubbed in urdu, here in pakistan, i loved the story but ending sucks,…..
  20. avatar
    Maheen Qureshi10 March 2013 Reply
    Menekse ile Khalil is a lovely story.all the actors including mustafa the main villain has performed very well.I think the credit goes to the entire team .good work amazing.hope we’ll get to see more dramas with the same cast.i love the music of the drama.

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