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Laila Ghofran’s daughter death

578724 Laila Ghofrans daughter death

At first it was Suzan Tamim in Dubai and now it’s the daughter of the Morrocan singer Laila Ghofran in Cairo! What’s going on?

Check it out!

Moroccan singer, Laila Ghofran’s 23-year-old daughter, Hiba, was found stabbed to death with her friend Nadine in her Cairo apartment today.
The police found her and her friend bleeding to death as a result of stab wounds.
It is reported that the two girls lived together in this apartment and studied at a nearby university.

May her soul rest in peace…

We’ll keep you posted soon with more informations!

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Comments (24)

  1. avatar
    fadhila29 November 2008 Reply
    what is the matter with arabs?blood-blood-blood..can’t we excell ins omething ekse!!!!!dhekra,susan,heba, Who is next????
  2. avatar
    fadhila29 November 2008 Reply
    poor leila.god help you overcome this terrible catasrophe.
  3. avatar
    chupeta29 November 2008 Reply
    maybe hayfa wahbe…ahaha for this moroccan I am very sad for her. Poor mum, be strong madam leila.
  4. avatar
    Pense29 November 2008 Reply
    um too sad for her :S:S ,she’s still to young n in was in her begining of her life
    hope her soul rests in peace …. she left her to be in a great place in heaven isa
  5. avatar
    HALA30 November 2008 Reply
    Laila je suis desoler pour cette doulereuse accident,toute mes condoleance.ina lilah wa in lilah rajeoun.
  6. avatar
    sara smith30 November 2008 Reply
    i hope her soul rests in peace
  7. avatar
    Anonymous1 December 2008 Reply
    we love you laila god bless heba
  8. avatar
    salima2 December 2008 Reply
    it realy sad what happen to your daughter, just be strong sister, there is god up there watching don’t worry sister.
    hope her soul rests in peace
    with love,
  9. avatar
    fati2 December 2008 Reply
    ina lillah waina ilayhi raji3ouna 9atl nafs 3nd alah haja kbira hada khaso 3i9ab kabir fi donya 9abl akhira who is the next ? allahoma ltof bina.
  10. avatar
    samir kahloun2 December 2008 Reply
    laiela ina lilahi wa ina ilayhi raji3on wahde allah ou la ilaha ila allah wa ana mohamada rasolo allah el baraka frasak.
  11. avatar
    fadhila2 December 2008 Reply
    we are waiting if any news are available about this terrible event.the killer should not run away without being punished
  12. avatar
    sara3 December 2008 Reply
    vraiment je suis desole pr toi sais ke ca vas pas etre facile pour toi,et tous ce ke je peux dire mnt c ina Lilah wa Ina Illaye raje3oun.
  13. avatar
    salah4 December 2008 Reply
    ادعو الله سبحانه ان تحتسب عندة من الشهداء انة سمىع مجيب
  14. avatar
    mona talat29 December 2008 Reply
    rest in prace
  15. avatar
    mona talat6 January 2009 Reply
    rest in peace
  16. avatar
    mona talat6 January 2009 Reply
    who is the true killer
  17. avatar
    eMegyptian18 February 2009 Reply
    May God rest her soul we yesabar ahlaha <3
    Rabena yerhamha . . .
  18. avatar
    ahmed13 July 2009 Reply
    heba i live in dubai god bless u i know you my friend laila inshala the man who kill will be killed
  19. avatar
    ahmed13 July 2009 Reply
    don”t be sad laila iam ahmed abdelrhman moshtaa leek habibi
  20. avatar
    victoria12 October 2009 Reply
    may she rest in peace
  21. avatar
    amina17 November 2009 Reply
    we love you good bless all you family, be strong.
  22. avatar
    Kmal Mogahzie18 March 2010 Reply
    To my best friend ever , to Lila Gofran .
    my heart is bleeding for you and Ebraheem {Hiba } was like a Daughter to me, I remember her when she was just two year old playing with my Daughter {Yasmin} in London . I just got the very sad news I ever heard in my life this morning on the internet . please let me hear your voises if you can .my telephone is
    0044-208-459-1319 London . God be with us all in this very bad time .
    your Friend and Brother for ever
    Kmal Mogahize
    Londo UK
  23. avatar
    fadhila3 June 2010 Reply
    still waiting for information about laila”s daughter murderer
  24. avatar
    yılmaz12 April 2011 Reply
    İnna Lillahi Ve İnna İleyhu Raciun
    Allah Celle Celeluhu Günahlarını afetsin Mekanı cennet olsun

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