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Maher Zain : Thank You Allah ( Download Album )

2734770910 1 454x454 custom Maher Zain : Thank You Allah ( Download Album )

Maher Zain comes from Mediterranean city of Tripoli – Lebanon.
His new Album “Thank You Allah” mixes the sounds of R&B with traditional nasheed and pop. It is a bright and shining testament to faith in Allah and praise for his countless blessings.

01. Always Be There

02. Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

03. Inshallah

04. Palestine Will Be Free

05. Thank You Allah

06. Allah Allah Kiya Karo (Ft Irfan Makki)

07. The Chosen One

08. Baraka Allah Lakuma

09. For The Rest Of My Life

10. Hold My Hand

11. Awaken

12. Subhana Allah (Ft Mesut Kurtis)

13. Open Your Eyes
14. Ya Nabi (Arabic Version – Bonus Track)

15. Thank You Allah (Acoustic Version – Bonus Track)

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Comments (180)

  1. avatar
    hocine15 April 2010 Reply
    السلام عليكم، peace be upon you
    أنا شخصيا أعبر هذا الألبوم من أروع الأناشيد التي سمعتها، خاصة أنه يجمع بين عدة طبوع موسيقية، و يحوي على مواضيع مختلفة.
  2. avatar
    hanifmz2 May 2010 Reply
    Thanks a lot !
    May Allah bless you. InsyaAllah. by hanifmz
  3. avatar
    fina8 May 2010 Reply
    fantastic song!!!may allah bless you.
  4. avatar
    annaida17 May 2010 Reply
    salam. thanks so much for album…
  5. avatar
    nora20 May 2010 Reply
    salam alaika to all muslimin and muslimat.. subhanallah, what amazing song, lyrics..all praised to ALLAH AZZAWAJALLA to chose MAHER to be one of our brother in ISLAM… May ALLAH bless him for his effort in his da’wah for ISLAM..
  6. avatar
    yusri8 June 2010 Reply
    (Salam) Lovely songs. Hope we all see each other in heave. AD-DIN
  7. avatar
    Azad10 June 2010 Reply
    Great music! May Allah bless you! Good luck to you!
  8. avatar
    mahir13 July 2010 Reply
    please buy this songs to help them brother to do more..not downlaod free……..!!!!
  9. avatar
    nu_Ox3r16 July 2010 Reply
    buy the original album.dont juz download.
  10. avatar
    DIN4 August 2010 Reply
    Lovely songs.
    Thanks a lot !
  11. avatar
    samah14 August 2010 Reply
    the song is very good
  12. avatar
    faisal khan18 August 2010 Reply
    masha allah, subhaan allah songs are too beautiful and peace full.
    these songs are creating ruhaani atmosphere.
  13. avatar
    kahare18 August 2010 Reply
    subhanAllah….what a touching song….thanks a lot….
  14. avatar
    Amged20 August 2010 Reply
    thank you Maher zain that is so amazing album and song Thank you Allah is more beautiful than any song
  15. avatar
    hala21 August 2010 Reply
    mash2ala that is the most amazing album ever
  16. avatar
    Hasbul Wafi25 August 2010 Reply
    Alhamdullillah my brother, may his songs lead and show our young generation to the right path. Insya- Allah! amin.
  17. avatar
    Khadijah26 August 2010 Reply
    Beautiful album, thanx for the upload!!!
  18. avatar
    Nid2528 August 2010 Reply
    your song have good lyrics,absolutely!!!
  19. avatar
    mustaqim_sp30 August 2010 Reply
    thanks!maher zain..
    very brilliant song..
    i like all your song..
  20. avatar
    7861 September 2010 Reply
    God bless u
    i love the Maher Zain – Allahi Allah Kiya Karo
    my mum use to sing it to me when i used to go to sleep
    what other album do u have??
  21. avatar
    Muhanad2 September 2010 Reply
    Great Great Great Great
  22. avatar
    AmericanGopi4 September 2010 Reply
    I love allah kiya karo and barak and Insha Allah Songs. That is Amazing Voice gave to U By allah. Maher I LOVE YOU
  23. avatar
    kakwe6 September 2010 Reply
    thanks a lot.
    great voice he has.
  24. avatar
    sakura6 September 2010 Reply
    his songs inspire me to be a good and devout muslimah~~
  25. avatar
    sakura6 September 2010 Reply
  26. avatar
    cicak7 September 2010 Reply
    very nice!!
    May he always bless us until the time…
  27. avatar
    om rani11 September 2010 Reply
    barak allah feek
  28. avatar
    Jimoh Fatai11 September 2010 Reply
    What an inspiration, I pray Allah continues to guide and guard him.
  29. avatar
    Anonymous19 September 2010 Reply
    yeagh lcvncjcdfhc
  30. avatar
    ct za19 September 2010 Reply
    wonderful songs..
    may allah bless u
  31. avatar
    albiruni19 September 2010 Reply
    thanks 4 the nice songs..
  32. avatar
    HAYIMRAJJI20 September 2010 Reply
  33. avatar
    MOGAMAT FALDIE20 September 2010 Reply
  34. avatar
    hawa25 September 2010 Reply
    great….love all the song
  35. avatar
    AhmadAli28 September 2010 Reply
    Subhan Allah, good voice and good heart.
    May Allah Bless you Zain. I liked all you songs most of all Palyestine and Ya nabi.
  36. avatar
    medy yudistira29 September 2010 Reply
    allahu akbar, nice voice, nice lyric…subhanallah
  37. avatar
    anwar29 September 2010 Reply
    nice album and song thank you ya allah
  38. avatar
    maida2 October 2010 Reply
    i love it so much , Subahanallah… wonderful songs. may Allah bless you…
  39. avatar
    lella3 October 2010 Reply
    I enjoy the music and the lyrics so much…Thanks for sharing
  40. avatar
    Reza Palavi8 October 2010 Reply
    good luck… keep istiqomah..
  41. avatar
    MOhsin10 October 2010 Reply
    I think its haram for you guys to simply download here for free. Better you buy one album. we have pirated Maher Zain album by dowbloading this. Go buy then ok
  42. avatar
    iman11 October 2010 Reply
    i like your song, maher zian
  43. avatar
    Naseema14 October 2010 Reply
    Salaams, Came across you today for the first time on Channel Islam…saw the making of your video Insha Allah…and was extremly impressed!!! Wow what a beautiful voice and such a stunningly awesome song & video!!! Can’t wait to buy the album. Allah has surely sent an angel to walk among and inspire us… Jazakallah!!! Thanks a million! May Allah bless you beyond your wildest dreams and please continue sharing your gift with the world. Best of blessings,
  44. avatar
    ekin15 October 2010 Reply
    very..nice i like when someone like maher zain..sing song about islamic…….
  45. avatar
    qqokta16 October 2010 Reply
    just download all songs…sorry cn’t buy the original..thanks
  46. avatar
    dina16 October 2010 Reply
    very nice
  47. avatar
    capeq17 October 2010 Reply
    thanks for making the song i like it came to malaysia tafaddal masykura
  48. avatar
    amada #1417 October 2010 Reply
    you are one of the caliph of Allah swt.
  49. avatar
    amada #1417 October 2010 Reply
    when it comes to Indonesia?
  50. avatar
    ariff18 October 2010 Reply
    assalammualaikum…Alhamdullilah my brother Maher that amazing song. keep it up. god bless u.. INSYALLAH
  51. avatar
    nazz18 October 2010 Reply
    thank’s for the download..!! alhamdulillah..hope mr.maher zain will continue
    sing islamic song like this.
  52. avatar
    Rifqi Ikhwanuddin21 October 2010 Reply
    assalamualaikum akhii, syukrallakum :)
  53. avatar
    Ms Aishah22 October 2010 Reply
    assalamualaikum..what a brilliant song! I admire him so much..
  54. avatar
    TUN HAZATUL najihah22 October 2010 Reply
    assalamualaik0m akhi maher zain..this song INSYAAALLAH is very good
  55. avatar
    faatima23 October 2010 Reply
    ur music has inspired me
    thnx soo much :)
  56. avatar
    zainab23 October 2010 Reply
    most inspiring :)
  57. avatar
    Mohit Sarda23 October 2010 Reply
    i just love it….. Good work …
  58. avatar
    Ubaidillah25 October 2010 Reply
    Thank you for wonderful song by Maher Zain. Thanks to akelhawa
  59. avatar
    maria25 October 2010 Reply
    thank you for wanderful nashida by
  60. avatar
    maria25 October 2010 Reply
    asslamualaikum maher zain this song the chosen one is very good and thank you so much
  61. avatar
    raihan26 October 2010 Reply
    i love all of your song so much!!!
  62. avatar
    sean26 October 2010 Reply
    The great song from the soft strains man..
    i am indonesian, very like your music “Saudara Maher Zain”
  63. avatar
    hameem27 October 2010 Reply
    brother.. wish i culd b like u…
  64. avatar
    syarifah29 October 2010 Reply
    it was very nice s0ng…h0pe u guy can feel the nur 0f islam…its n0t just a s0ng (entertainment)…
  65. avatar
    shafeeq29 October 2010 Reply
    good one
  66. avatar
    saleh30 October 2010 Reply
    good song. i hope you will continue create good song for islam.
  67. avatar
    amer31 October 2010 Reply
    this songs is great and i will go on his concert in Bosnia…i can’t wait that spectacle…
  68. avatar
    zie2 November 2010 Reply
    beautiful song
    beautiful voice…may Allah bless u…
    good job..its for our new generation…………
  69. avatar
    Faridah2 November 2010 Reply
    very beautiful song..
  70. avatar
    AKMAL8 November 2010 Reply
    VERY NICE SONG,i love all the song may allah bless you
  71. avatar
    Reza Palavi10 November 2010 Reply
    akhifillah, add my facebook “Reza Palavi Eu”
    keep our silaturahim of each country because Allah. i wish meet you maher zain, all of you my brotherhoodmuslim of another site place..
  72. avatar
    kawther15 November 2010 Reply
    i love you maher zain and i love your tuchful songs
    god bless you
  73. avatar
    khairikhir19 November 2010 Reply
    nice song…maher zain.,thank you allah
  74. avatar
    ABU HUZAIFAH19 November 2010 Reply
    semua lagu free
  75. avatar
    daniel19 November 2010 Reply
    sedap giller lagunya
  76. avatar
    Chranet21 November 2010 Reply
    من پێم وایە یەكێكە لە خۆشترین و سەركەوتوو ترین ئەلبومەكانی سروودی ئاینی….بەڕایی من هیچی كەمتر نیە لە ئەلبوومەكانی سامی یوسف و مسعود كورتش…هیوادارم ئەابوومەكانی داهاتووشی هەروابن
  77. avatar
    MA25 November 2010 Reply
    ربي يحفظك يا ماهر زين
  78. avatar
    هه‌ژار عزیز26 November 2010 Reply
    به‌راستی من ئه‌مه‌ویت بلیم كه‌ كه‌سایه‌تی ماهیر زین به‌راستی كه‌سایه‌تیه‌كی گه‌ره‌و به‌ریوی هه‌یه‌ له‌نیو كومه‌لی موسلمانان به‌تایبه‌تی له‌ گه‌لی كوردا بویه‌ من لیره‌وه‌ ده‌ست خوشی لی ئه‌كه‌م
  79. avatar
    so29 November 2010 Reply
    it is best song………….
  80. avatar
    syed akram29 November 2010 Reply
    ass salamu alai kum maher bhai alhamdulillah your all song is verrrrrrrry nice jazak allah khair
  81. avatar
    Anonymous30 November 2010 Reply
    for the rest of my life
    i be with you..bla bla bla
    amazing maher zain
    from allah
  82. avatar
    mrm1 December 2010 Reply
  83. avatar
    han2 December 2010 Reply
    Alhamdulillah..maher zain is the best..
  84. avatar
    Hari3 December 2010 Reply
    I Like This Album….I want CAn Download Again But Video Klip Mp3!!
    Tanks For Link!!
  85. avatar
    agus awaludin6 December 2010 Reply
    Alhamdulillah wa subhanallah…. May GOD always protect and bless and every steps.
  86. avatar
    haanim jardine7 December 2010 Reply
    Allah Allah!!! Maher, ur songs are beyond beautiful masha’Allah!!! I love each and every one of them… And your voice!!! Subhan’Allah (**,) Keep up the excellent work insha’Allah!!!
  87. avatar
    Rakhmat Harsy8 December 2010 Reply
    good song, Subhanallah
  88. avatar
    Mdfakhruddin11 December 2010 Reply
    Maher Zain I Love To Your
    Best Album Thank You Allah ♥♥♥♥♥…Mdfakhruddin…♥♥.?
  89. avatar
    aries16 December 2010 Reply
    goodd one…i love it…
  90. avatar
    maria22 December 2010 Reply
    bro maher zain you are amazing i love your song
  91. avatar
    Tarmizi28 December 2010 Reply
    Assalamualaikum.. Great and plesure since i meet u yesterday in dinner night with muslim aid in Malaysia. Nice voice.. love ur song.. best album life
  92. avatar
    ايمان1 January 2011 Reply
    جزاك الله الف خير لانك صرت منشدا انا احببتك منذ ان ظهرت على ام بي سي 1 واريدك ان تنشد اناشيدا بالعربي اكتر من الانجليزي اذا ما عليك امر و احبك في ه و الله يحف
  93. avatar
    shom.dag9 January 2011 Reply
    Отличные нашиды.дай тебе еще сил и возможности призывать людей к Исламу
  94. avatar
    Anonymous13 January 2011 Reply
    very very nice izzy listening,thank mahir zain ALLOH HU AKHBAR
  95. avatar
    Liza Zainal19 January 2011 Reply
    Thank you for sharing, May Allah bless you for your kind sharing of this album. May Allah bless Maher Zain too for spreading dakwah trough his songs. Assalamualaikum :)
  96. avatar
    ahmad abu kheiran23 January 2011 Reply
    grat music great lyrics makes you return to your innocence
  97. avatar
    sumaia29 January 2011 Reply
    أشكرك جزيل الشكر على تقديم أروع الأناشيد لديننا الإسلام
    جدا رائعه
  98. avatar
    yasmina29 January 2011 Reply
    c’est fantastique barvoooo!!!
  99. avatar
    linu31 January 2011 Reply
    suprB……………. n mabRoooookkkkkkk………
  100. avatar
    Asheque6 February 2011 Reply
    Hi, Maher Zain, try to make these songs without instrumental music. Allah Hafiz.
  101. avatar
    ayesha8 February 2011 Reply
    salaam first tym i heard your songs i love your voice and also listen to it every day kp up the good work
  102. avatar
    aziz touil9 February 2011 Reply
    جزاك الله خيرا يا ماهر زين فباناشيدك تساعد على نشر الدين الاسلامي في جميع اقطار العالم
  103. avatar
    Harun13 February 2011 Reply
    Alhamdulillah atas dakwahnya melalui syair syair yang indah, semoga Allah meridhoi dakwahnya. amiin.
  104. avatar
    Adi C15 February 2011 Reply
    Subhannallah… Semoga Alloh senantiasa melimpahkan rahmat-Nya untukmu dan kita semua… amin ya Rabb
  105. avatar
    hamizan15 February 2011 Reply
  106. avatar
    Rumeysa15 February 2011 Reply
    Salam! is the download legal??!
  107. avatar
    Firdaus15 February 2011 Reply
    the best songs 4ever
  108. avatar
    Asmath16 February 2011 Reply
    salam brother,
    superb, i like da song Allah Allah Kiya Karo very much. keep continue ths. Jazakallah
  109. avatar
    From Indonesia26 February 2011 Reply
    Salaam from Indonesia
  110. avatar
    toharisson28 February 2011 Reply
    when i wake up on subuh. my friends send me and sms to hear a local radio station (in indonesia). he asked me to search and finally i got “maher zain”. it’s beautifull i think.
  111. avatar
    Rizal M2 March 2011 Reply
    Syukran ya Akhi….!!
  112. avatar
    husin shahab13 March 2011 Reply
    sawa’ ajip nian..
  113. avatar
    muhammad13 March 2011 Reply
    ya cacam dapet sikok album….
  114. avatar
    suhaeni13 March 2011 Reply
    I am really touched by your religion songs. Thank you so much
  115. avatar
    shahnawaz22 March 2011 Reply
    assalam walaikum. How are you. I love so much your songs and your voice. Your song for the rest of my life is my best song.
  116. avatar
    Ghuroba3 April 2011 Reply
    Assalamu aleykum , all my muslim brothers and sisters.Only today I’ve known about him (Zain) and his wonderful songs. He has done real great things for islam, and we hope he will continue on his way.
  117. avatar
    zubair23 April 2011 Reply
    arabic song
  118. avatar
    rashad25 April 2011 Reply
    It are really from my best songs
  119. avatar
    Dina priandini29 April 2011 Reply
    I cant download it. said
    File ini tidak lagi tersedia karena adanya klaim dari Awakening Records.
  120. avatar
    khadija2 May 2011 Reply
    salam brother
    subhanawallah..ya allah..yuor songs it’s very beautiful..i like it,very like it…^_^
  121. avatar
    saji3 May 2011 Reply
    maju terus brooooooo bikin hati damai
  122. avatar
    ask elek3 May 2011 Reply
    LaguNe Syiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppp,,,,
  123. avatar
    yadi3 May 2011 Reply
  124. avatar
    troyadven5 May 2011 Reply
    semoga kamu selalu diberkahi oleh allah swt……….
    suara kan yg ada di hati loe………
    i like you……
  125. avatar
    Yaser10 May 2011 Reply
    Thanxxxxxxxx but all links are not working
  126. avatar
    Anonymous15 May 2011 Reply
  127. avatar
    Anonymous20 May 2011 Reply
    like this song…
  128. avatar
    azzahraindah22 May 2011 Reply
    l like this song barakallah..
  129. avatar
    fitri yani7 June 2011 Reply
    i like it
    thank you ^_^
  130. avatar
    jiya7 June 2011 Reply
    masya allah, ur voice is so nice. i like ur song barakallah,
  131. avatar
    تبریز17 June 2011 Reply
    یاشاسین ماهیر زین معلیمی چوخ گوزل ماهنیلار اوخویور گونه گون اولسون فیلیسطین و اسرائیل دوست و قارداش کیمی اولالارو تمام فیتنه یارالداناری ارادان اپارالار
  132. avatar
    jihad27 June 2011 Reply
    i like it
  133. avatar
    Ajhu_Siput6 July 2011 Reply
    subhanallah… lagu-lagunya keren abis,, cocok di telinga anak-anak muda… di tunggu album selanjutnya akhi…!!! :]
  134. avatar
    brahimi khadidja16 July 2011 Reply
    thank you mir maher you songs its good
  135. avatar
    Hory21 July 2011 Reply
    Assalamualaikum… hm zain. i really like your song brother. u sing in english with using the word Allah that make me sound amazing.your album,thanks to Allah is very nice, so i hope that u will produce so many albums as possible u can. wassalam.
  136. avatar
    لعیا25 July 2011 Reply
    Fantastic. I can’t download them easily. Does anybody know how I can buy the original one in Iran? This is a way to thank Maher Zain for these beatuful songs.
  137. avatar
    لعیا25 July 2011 Reply
    I could not download them at all! why?! 4shared says the files don’t exist any longer. :-(
  138. avatar
    Faizan Khan4 August 2011 Reply
    Nice songs for all songs is the best of the world
  139. avatar
    dede12 August 2011 Reply
    i like is mucuc, of islamic
  140. avatar
    I like all song, thanks14 August 2011 Reply
    Nice song, good work
  141. avatar
    brwa14 August 2011 Reply
  142. avatar
    khalil15 August 2011 Reply
    e molto bello
  143. avatar
    ismail20 August 2011 Reply
    i am sorry
  144. avatar
    mhaya van naya21 August 2011 Reply
  145. avatar
    alex29 August 2011 Reply
    i like it
  146. avatar
    melek2 September 2011 Reply
    Allah senden razi olsun .insallah ilahisini az once dinledim.En umutsuz , kederli zamanlarimi yasiyorum . Bir dostun omuzudan daha iyi geldiniz Yolunuz acik olsun .Huzurla doldu icim .))))
  147. avatar
    abbas6 September 2011 Reply
    goodd one…i love it
  148. avatar
    musicmind9 September 2011 Reply
    Complete Maher Zain lyrics
  149. avatar
    Ismail Syahidul Udzma14 September 2011 Reply
    I LOVE YOU Maher Zain
  150. avatar
    andri15 September 2011 Reply
    maha suci engkau yang telah melancarkan lisan ini tuk selalu menyebutmu… for maher ALLAH selalu menyertaimu
  151. avatar
    Anonymous23 September 2011 Reply
    aSsaLamu aLAikum wA rahmATullah 2 u Maher ..
    U kn0w , i LovE sOo mUCh
    Ur isLamic sONg .. jazAKallah .. Allah bleSs ü .. =’)
  152. avatar
    hanar2 October 2011 Reply
    dast xoshy la hunarmand maher akam , barasty dangeky xoshy haya u sh3ry zor jwany bakar henawa , sarkawtn bo maher
    kurdish Iraq- for sulaimany
  153. avatar
    andrew12 October 2011 Reply
    I like
  154. avatar
    Abdullah16 October 2011 Reply
    Assalam alaikum.
    Maher zain brother, try to make these songs without instrumental music.
  155. avatar
    nasser21 October 2011 Reply
    God bless u & be ur guidnce in dark vally. my brother.
  156. avatar
    ameerah21 October 2011 Reply
    السلا م عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Brother maher u are most certainly an inspiration to everyone!!:)your nasheeds have inspired me and reminded me of our purpose in life n why we have been sent here!since i’ve listened to your life story I was Most certainly inspired to make a differnce in my life aswell as the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters:) jazaakallahu khair May allah continue accepting you for his service and usage of Islam by using your gift to inspire millions more like me!! Your number 1 fan from SOUTH AFRICA:)
  157. avatar
    shanga11 November 2011 Reply
    dast xoshe bo maher zain sarkawtebe
  158. avatar
    naima14 November 2011 Reply
    maher zain I like your all anashid even i live somalia listen your anashid very becouse its good for all is the best in world and i love your activity you really muslim insha allah a hoppe for allah to meet you thanks maheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer zain for your anashid live with peace for ever
  159. avatar
    alkaff14 November 2011 Reply
    thank you for maher zain..
    .its song fery fantastic..
  160. avatar
    rujina chaudhury21 November 2011 Reply
    you are the best singer mashallha i wish i can met you again i rumber i met you in living islam 2011 you are the best ginger in the world
  161. avatar
    Chika24 November 2011 Reply
    Assaloomu aleikum! Maher Zain brother your songs is like bomb but they aren’t give worst, they give relax and its way to open peoples’ heart. And I want to give some ideas. Don’t you think to make your songs without musical instruments? It will be good to hear you only with voice that gave Allah.
  162. avatar
    nimo28 November 2011 Reply
    thankx for the woderful nasheeds may allah be with you Assaloomu aleikum.
  163. avatar
    nikan28 November 2011 Reply
    very sexy…hot. .
  164. avatar
    abo yazan16 December 2011 Reply
    assalamu alikum thanks maher you let all my childrens happy with you anashid they repeat the allahu akbar and alhamdulilah everyday may Allah bless you for everything you do or what you will do in the future may Allah bless you in every steps you will take amine
  165. avatar
    whitepegasus9124 December 2011 Reply
    i finally bought maher zain’s album….it’s because my hard disk lost..and i had to download again if i want but instead of downloading it from the illegal websites i just go buy it,,,,and guess what,, i’m satisfied,,,,maybe it’s a God’s sign for me to….i mean gain ‘barakah’ you know…downloading the album is like stole other properties and that’s ‘haram’ you know…but now not anymore…some people might think that i’m stupid for buying the album because there’s a bunch of free music i can get in the internet…however i just want to be fair and pay that to the righteous owner….never think that it was a waste because the content are good,,,i mean very good,,,,i shouldn’t complain because i can buy like bunch of korean albums that are wayyyyyyy expensive than Maher Zain and it’s actually useless….sorry for excessive blabbering,,,just want u guys to know,,,,Go buy the original one and stop piracy….
  166. avatar
    zulphar31 December 2011 Reply
    I totaly love your songs
  167. avatar
    safi5 January 2012 Reply
    Maashaallah Your Song is real pleasant to hear but i suggest to make the surrahs and hadith with meaning as songs so that may reach people mind soon and never forget that.Inshaallah May your career towards making inspire on islam continue.
  168. avatar
    muq9 January 2012 Reply
    i relly likr you maher, allah bless u always………..
  169. avatar
    Ruhollah14 January 2012 Reply
    In the name of GOD
    God bless you
    you have a wonderful song,
    We wait for your next album.
    from Iran.
  170. avatar
    Halima yahaya28 January 2012 Reply
    Maher i really love all your songs with all may heart i used to watch it in iqraa and islam channel. But the problem is i cant get it.please help me get it. May protect you from evil once. Ameen!
  171. avatar
    mohd sikandar sabri3 February 2012 Reply
    ur thank u allah album very nice brother. im loving him
  172. avatar
    syahrul11 February 2012 Reply
    thank you so much for maher zain
  173. avatar
    Lamiye13 February 2012 Reply
    Thank you
  174. avatar
    fatin19 April 2012 Reply
    Thank you!!!
  175. avatar
    ghazal22 April 2012 Reply
    I realy love u Maher…
  176. avatar
    samira6 May 2012 Reply
    i like it
  177. avatar
    Deni13 May 2012 Reply
    May Allah bless you
  178. avatar
    mohsen31 October 2012 Reply
    thanks a lot
    you are a best religious man in IRAN
    I like you maher
    realy god bless you
  179. avatar
    fatima27 November 2012 Reply
    your voice is so divine for me….god bless you
  180. avatar
    Ayman Absy3 February 2013 Reply
    thanks alot

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