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Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101667 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

Murat Yildirim (or Demir in the Turkish series « Asi ») is a Turkish actor who was born on the 13 April 1979 (31 years). He get married on 20 June 2008 with the Turkish actress Zeynebim. Akel Hawa gives your his album photos. 

101669 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101672 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

Murat Yildirim avec sa femme

101656 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101657 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101658 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101659 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101668 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101655 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101654 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

101653 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

Et voici une photo de son enfance

muratyildirim Murat Yildirim: His album photos

murat yildirim1 Murat Yildirim: His album photos

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Comments (37)

  1. avatar
    nana18 March 2010 Reply
  2. avatar
    lila28 June 2010 Reply
    votre ideal femme c tuba
  3. avatar
    lila28 June 2010 Reply
    الفقانة توبا هي التي تناسبك اكثرمن زوجتك الحقيقية
  4. avatar
    katia13 August 2010 Reply
    vous ètes mon couple preferé
  5. avatar
    maryam23 September 2010 Reply
    ai love you murat yildirim
  6. avatar
    HIBA26 September 2010 Reply
  7. avatar
    ratiba26 September 2010 Reply
    je préfere murat avec tuba buyukustun,ils forment un tres beau couple.
  8. avatar
    alma h24 February 2011 Reply
    I want ask Demir does he still love Asi or not .
  9. avatar
    Ady23 June 2011 Reply
    Hello,Murat i live in Romania and you are my favourite actor.
  10. avatar
    darya1 August 2011 Reply
    hi my favorit actor .where do you live still? you & tuba very realy play in asi film .is it in nature? why do you marrid whit she?
  11. avatar
    dsaewty1 August 2011 Reply
    i love you
  12. avatar
    nana28 September 2011 Reply
    يا احلى مراد بالعالم زوجتك مو حلوة ومافي وحدة تستتاهل جمالك وشخصيتك يلا حظوظ انيالها
  13. avatar
    shuokry abdi farah30 October 2011 Reply
    hi murad realy i love uuuuuuuuuu so much long life you are my favorit you are the best actor love love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  14. avatar
    zebib2 November 2011 Reply
    hi murat-yildirim. u & ur wife are nace acters.I love u both of u. kepe it. I saw u the 1st time in ASI with tuba. For me the must butiful film I ever see it. Also in the new film. what they call u savas baldar. A nece film. kepppppp it going.
  15. avatar
    Khawla17 November 2011 Reply
    Hi this is the first time I watch Murat in savag or in 3eshq wajazaa it is sooo beautifull show Murat your are sooooo Hansem and a good cater I would like t watch asi now because of u wow I would like to meet you one day here in Florida so please please if u come to America here is my email screws I wish you the best in life.
  16. avatar
    EVLALIA KIGMALI19 November 2011 Reply
    i believe you are very good actor and many people in Greece like watching the film that make you famous here Ask ve Ceza! Thank you…Also many congratulations to your wife, she is also known here from ”EZEL”…
  17. avatar
    Deeqa27 December 2011 Reply
    Murat you are amazing i hope you abeutyfull life and greating me your wife
  18. avatar
    Tantantouna1 January 2012 Reply
    My best broo murat! I love you so match ! You are the best actor in turki !
  19. avatar
    Murat zaber1 January 2012 Reply
    Ya 7abibe ya murat!! enta ler broo el asler taba3er!!bas badder et7achar w badder oul anno enta w tuba btelba2o aktar la ba3d !!wa2ta teger 3ala lebnen 7sob 7sebna
  20. avatar
    atanas17 February 2012 Reply
    go sakam,toj e mojot omilen lik od serijata LJUBOV I KAZNA.
  21. avatar
    yodit@yahoo.ca13 March 2012 Reply
    I love u
  22. avatar
    Xeyale16 March 2012 Reply
    cox qeweng sizi cox sevirem inwallah mutlu alasiniz.
  23. avatar
    Sa'adatu18 March 2012 Reply
    Hlo murat! I sow ur acting in Asi with Tuba i luv the way u act so much! I Luv Uuuu so much my regard to ur family pls.
  24. avatar
    Anonymous15 April 2012 Reply
    salam oosgol
  25. avatar
    fateme27 April 2012 Reply
    man sani chokh seviram
  26. avatar
    rony25 May 2012 Reply
    i love you murat .. really u r my favorite turkish performer eveeerrrr
    ,,, btw i loved you from asi series ^_^ it’s my fav turkish series also <3 <3 luv ya
  27. avatar
    iza3 June 2012 Reply
    i like you very much i hope you will have a very nice life . I kiss you
  28. avatar
    Sandra10 June 2012 Reply
    Hi Mr.Murat Yildirim,
    you are the best Actor in Turkey.So Perfessional and Perfect.
    You are very attractive man and very lovely and Popular
    The all Woman love you.
    If you come to USA we would like to meet.We Waching the all Film and Serie TV.
    Thank you so much for all your actet.
    People in USA
  29. avatar
    Anonymous16 June 2012 Reply
    Murat Ildorum is one of the talented, creative, genius, clever, sharp & handsome actor in Istanbul, i would like to have his e.mail address & send my best wishes to him & his lovely wife. maryam hariri from Dubai
  30. avatar
    Ahmed from somalia26 June 2012 Reply
    Hi murat you amazing actor idon.t have any thing to say but you have great fans in somalia who love you so much so welcome to somalia once time so thanks
  31. avatar
    avgeroula4 July 2012 Reply
    Murat is just too gorgeous…I love his soft tone in his voice, his eyes just melt you and his acting style is superb. Glad we had the chance to see ASI in Greece:)
  32. avatar
    Ayesha Munir27 October 2012 Reply
    Murat yildirim ,
    ‘ASI’ is a lovely play,which is teiecasting in pakistan now a days.,.,..,YOU and TUBA,,,both are looking gorgeous.,..:)
  33. avatar
    Ayesha Munir27 October 2012 Reply
    Murat yildirim ,
    ‘ASI’ is a lovely play,which is telecasting in pakistan now a days.,.,..,YOU and TUBA,,,both are looking gorgeous.,..:)
  34. avatar
    Gul e man10 November 2012 Reply
    hello,murat u r looking so nice in “asi” i realy like u nd asi in asi drama.may Allah bless u nd live u long.keep it up i’m ur big fan.
  35. avatar
    bella khan3 December 2012 Reply
    Hello…………..u r so beautiful nice nd sweet person………..
  36. avatar
    Hina ali12 December 2012 Reply
    I like u , and r very charming, may god bles u
  37. avatar
    Eshal Ali12 December 2012 Reply
    HELLO, u are best actor of Turkish plz u come to pakistan plz MURAT i really love u & love your acting love u a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt i wish u did’t get marry u should be wait for me.

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