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Nancy Ajram before plastic surgery

2112287 Plastic surgery Beirut Nancy Ajram before plastic surgery

Here is another video of the pretty lebanese singer Nancy Ajram before plastic surgery. Damn, the difference is just amazing! Must be seen!

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Comments (75)

  1. avatar
    Ryda8 July 2008 Reply
    shou amani?!!!!
    c’est de la pub anti nanCy ?
  2. avatar
    Amani8 July 2008 Reply
    Hahahaa mais non voyons c’est juste de l’information =)
  3. avatar
    Anonymous9 July 2008 Reply
    images nancyajram
  4. avatar
    Ryda9 July 2008 Reply
    je LoL
  5. avatar
    my + love = you9 July 2008 Reply
    I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. avatar
    salwa30 July 2008 Reply
  7. avatar
    Anonymous30 July 2008 Reply
    i love you nancy
  8. avatar
  9. avatar
    Flin18 August 2008 Reply
    relax she doesnt love u get over it ….grow up
  10. avatar
    Souss26 August 2008 Reply
    lool :p
  11. avatar
    nadia29 August 2008 Reply
    she does look diffrent but she was still pretty she has cute cheeks that so puffy :)!!!! love you nancy
  12. avatar
    sabrina8 September 2008 Reply
    hey hope u have a nice wedding day put ur husbands picture in the internet plz love u best singer in the world who every be mean to u dont wprrie about them plz come to australia in melbourne some day and i will be comeing to ur party
  13. avatar
    sabrina8 September 2008 Reply
    u got married on the same day as my brithday yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  14. avatar
    renato5 October 2008 Reply
    nancy was never beautiful, well shes not my taste
    but she has an amazing voice
  15. avatar
    Lira5 October 2008 Reply
    Hi nancy. I wish u dont make plastic surgeries coz u was beautiful and now eww ugly. Believe me ur cheeks are so fat and ur lips but that is not nice at all.
  16. avatar
    dina nahil7 November 2008 Reply
  17. avatar
    Mays29 December 2008 Reply
    hi nancy.. i wish u don’t do the plastic surgeries coz u look so much beatiful. I Love you nany so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  18. avatar
    Maddy16 February 2009 Reply
    The pictures are deceptive because of the amount of makeup she’s wearing post surgery. She looks as though she had a very minimal amount of surgery performed, and I say as long as she’s happy with her choices, more power to her.
  19. avatar
    mona17 February 2009 Reply
    NOW she looks FAKE and BAD she said she
    did her nose like 5 times
    WHY would you want
    to change Allah’s creation!! shame
  20. avatar
    amal15 May 2009 Reply
    lol you guys are funny i hate nancy ajram im going to show evryone her pic haha she deservs it lol haha s5eefa nancy and i wish she sees this cauz i hate her alot and she does plastic surgery for no reason now she looks really fake
  21. avatar
    sara15 May 2009 Reply
    and by the way amal is right you suck looser haha i hate you nancy and i see your going to marry a dentist how about he ficks your front tooth lol.
  22. avatar
    sara15 May 2009 Reply
    why do you mary a rectal doctor so he can ficks your but looser. haha
  23. avatar
    Linda25 May 2009 Reply
    Hi sweet angel. Im linda from kosovo and i like ur songs and u have GORGEOUS look. Although i dont understand the meaning of some words on the song,but i like ur voice which is so warm nd sweet. Wishin u the best. Love u.
  24. avatar
    Anas4 August 2009 Reply
    I hate this girl because she thinks she is 10 years old
  25. avatar
    jehan hamden26 August 2009 Reply
    dear nancy u loook so ugly\4t6
  26. avatar
    jehan hamden26 August 2009 Reply
    u r pretty i love u so muc iloveur sosurteestti h
  27. avatar
    jehan hamden26 August 2009 Reply
    dear nancy u are the best singer i bhave ever seen u are the best i love you so much sorry about me saying ugly to u it wasnt me
  28. avatar
    jehan hamden26 August 2009 Reply
    love you
  29. avatar
    razan26 August 2009 Reply
    dear ;ftnm7p[mjyi8j8m9o [po[o;p][p\];[p;
  30. avatar
    Anonymous14 September 2009 Reply
    Haifa and Nancy are ugly before plastic surgeries. Please do not destroy the creation of our dear Allah. Before i had a fancy for you both,but right now i hate you
  31. avatar
    Anonymous14 September 2009 Reply
    I, the citizen of Tajikistan love Nancy Ajram very much even though she had done much plastic surgeries. I love you and will always be with you my dear and best singer Nancy.
    Rahmatov Naimjon,the twin of Tarkan
  32. avatar
    she someone21 October 2009 Reply
    nancy ,i think their all right, you shoul’nt have done the surgery cuz now you look FAKE ,Allah created you like this so be this way ,and you also behave like a small girl so please grow up..
  33. avatar
    nancy hater27 October 2009 Reply
    ugly as hell b4 and after….lol…stupid gal
  34. avatar
    Helen28 October 2009 Reply
  35. avatar
    SARA27 November 2009 Reply
    hi nancy im sara el khawand i have 13 years old and im from lebanon and i spend all the day listening you’re songs and i dance with it i love very much you’re dauther Mila i hope so to see her do u remember jessine the concert where you was singing ????
    im the one who kisses u it was a very nice time
    and ihope to see u other time
    illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee u NANCY DON’T FORGETTTTTTTE ME SARA EL KHAWAN
  36. avatar
    anonymus12 December 2009 Reply
    Nancy is beautiful so all of u that said she is ugly r ugly they r jealous
  37. avatar
    momo12 December 2009 Reply
    Could anyone tell me how many plastic surgery she had
  38. avatar
    Anonymous18 December 2009 Reply
    I think she had about 14 plastic surgery.
  39. avatar
    lulu30 December 2009 Reply
    hi i think she is still pretty
  40. avatar
    mohammad10 February 2010 Reply
    hi nancy im abtin
    ane fit u fool alboom nancy ….
    blog // web nancy
    i love yo….nancy
  41. avatar
    Laalaa22 March 2010 Reply
    he, it’s not tru!!
    DOn’t believe it, because Nancy is beautiful in het hart not in het face!! -Nancy Ajram… I loveee you!
  42. avatar
    Maja28 March 2010 Reply
    I think she has a beautiful voice, she has sound of her own.I think with the countless surgeries she lost that arabi( ethnic) look which draws me more to her then the mainstreem western looking bimbos every singer seems to be going for. I am originally from Bosnia and the singers there are in the same boat as her; and I am sure many others..still love her voice- that’s the most important thing!!!
  43. avatar
    nancy ahmet29 April 2010 Reply
    hi my name is nancy too,ilove u nancy ajram
  44. avatar
    Morocco_Al-Maghrebia12 May 2010 Reply
    We love you Nancy!!! Arabs United! From Morocco to Iraq!!! Very much love, greetings from Casablanca!
  45. avatar
    Anonymous13 May 2010 Reply
    Kis e5tak menak elo w lakel wa7ad 2aal 3n nancy ugly lek ento ma bteswo defra…go nancy go w ma tehtammi lal7aki lfadi enti amar w le2allek ugly bekoon zbeli love u walla mmmwa
  46. avatar
    Mona13 May 2010 Reply
    All of you ppl that be talking shit are hating cus ya dont have shit to do. I am hispanic and i love to hear Nancys music cuz it is different from my music!!!! Best wishes nancy
  47. avatar
    sara16 May 2010 Reply
    she looked cute
  48. avatar
    noor19 May 2010 Reply
    Nancy Ajram u are a bitch i hate u and dont think that u are nice no u r not u are only bitch and i hate ur voice ur voice so shit no one listen to u so dont sing again plzzzzzzz u makeing me sick ok plzz
  49. avatar
    noor19 May 2010 Reply
    bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh go back to ur mum u fucker bitch did ur man fucked u
  50. avatar
    mariem5 June 2010 Reply
    any way you still have the blue amazing eyes
  51. avatar
    sangar24 June 2010 Reply
    both of them are cool (
  52. avatar
    amal sy8 July 2010 Reply
    of all the arabs people you’re the best and prettiest,have gifted and amazing voice,love u nancy ajram no matter what…
  53. avatar
    Nata22 July 2010 Reply
    I LOVE U NANCY SO MUCH I ALWAYS LISTEN TO UR SONGS UR THE BEST SINGER I EVER SEEN I LOVE UR BLUE EYES AND U R SO CUTE I LOVE THE WAY U SMILE I ALSO LOVE UR WEDDING THATS HOW IM GOING TO DO MINE LOVE U SO MUCH WITH U THE BEST IN UR LIFE AND IN UR CAREER….AND BY THE WAY (noor)watch ur mouth if u dont like her its you’re problem but dont say stuff like that how would u feel if someone told u those words plz u guys don’t write those kind of stupid things about Nancy u guys are the FUCKERS NOT HER AND NOOR IF SHE MAKES U SICK THAN DON’T LISTEN U DUM SHIT AND UR THE BITCH NOT NANCY
  54. avatar
    Nabil31 July 2010 Reply
    Nancy i love u so.
    Because you’ve a great voice and your face so sweee. . .t.
  55. avatar
    هاجر عزالدين2 September 2010 Reply
    نانسي احلي بعد عملية التجميل بسراحه قمر
  56. avatar
    NARIMAN16 November 2010 Reply
  57. avatar
    lara23 December 2010 Reply
    i agree with alot of people here how could you face god with a cpmpletely different creation than what he created you
    allah has created everyone beautiful none of allahs creation is ugly its all beautiful but you just need the people to understand this????
  58. avatar
    Azar23 December 2010 Reply
  59. avatar
    Nimzyy4 March 2011 Reply
    OMGGG I cant believe all those people said those rude comments about you. I love your music Nancy and the first time I saw your face on the internet I didn’t even think you had plastic surgery! Alright all those people bringing Allah into this stop! seriously! She didn’t say she wasn’t beautiful alright. Go swear at other actors and singers and leave Nancy alone! Nancy is beautiful the way she is!
  60. avatar
    Nimzyy4 March 2011 Reply
    Also Nata is right about all those things!
  61. avatar
    Nimzyy4 March 2011 Reply
    All those people that hate Nancy I hate u 2! All those people that stand up for her great and keep it up And Thanx Mona for saying”All of you ppl that be talking shit are hating cus ya dont have shit to do. I am hispanic and i love to hear Nancys music cuz it is different from my music!!!! Best wishes nancy” For standing up also my music is different from hers language so yea
  62. avatar
    Nimzyy4 March 2011 Reply
    Except the I am Hispanic not neseccary but all right!
  63. avatar
    Hosai22 August 2011 Reply
    Hi nancy i love you you are sooooooo beautifula and preety and i hope to see you in sydney.
  64. avatar
    Hosai22 August 2011 Reply
    when will you come with your family
  65. avatar
    Hosai22 August 2011 Reply
  66. avatar
    Hosai22 August 2011 Reply
    HI once again.
  67. avatar
    ASAD28 August 2011 Reply
    FUCK you Nancy
  68. avatar
    natasya angela30 September 2011 Reply
    u g lyy nancy ajram before
  69. avatar
    boshra25 December 2011 Reply
    hi Nancy my name is Boshra but i m from Iran!!! …at the first ,i loved your voice and listened to your songs every chance i get, but when i heard that u does not like Iranian (and i do not know why?) i hate u because u are a selfish woman! now i do not like u anymore..change yourself Nancy!! fuck u!!!!!
  70. avatar
    boshra25 December 2011 Reply
    hi Nancy my name is Boshra but i m from Iran!!! …at the first ,i loved your voice and listened to your songs every chance i get, but when i heard that u does not like Iranian (and i do not know why?) i hate u because u are a selfish woman! now i do not like u anymore..change yourself Nancy!! u!!!!!
  71. avatar
    Anonymous26 December 2011 Reply
    Hiiiiiii nancy I love ur song
  72. avatar
    Arsam27 December 2011 Reply
    Hey you bitch!
    I’m from IRAN and we all hate fucking sluts like you!
    You looked like a shit and look like a shit again!
    No difference before and after your numerous plastic surgeries!
  73. avatar
    khawlah19 March 2012 Reply
    i love your song mashi haddy
  74. avatar
    hadeel z.19 March 2012 Reply
    you stink
  75. avatar
    Shahd:-)5 July 2012 Reply
    hi, nancy i love you im muslim but im upset that youve done plastic surgery but its your life and your choice plus youre a christian so its not against your religion to do thatif youre one of those people who have written those mean things about her being ugly, then please get a life. She was beautiful before surgery and after surgery aswell its her life she does what she wants with it! Nancy ilove you and your music and your cute daughters!lots of love from england:-* <3<3<3

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