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pictures from the Turkish TV Series Wa Tamdi Al Ayam.

010 pictures from the Turkish TV Series Wa Tamdi Al Ayam.

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Comments (76)

  1. avatar
    siham25 March 2009 Reply
    have you seen the clip of diana/saruhan..great the trash clip of rola/kivanc..
  2. avatar
    siham27 March 2009 Reply
    great show isit not..great chemistry between saruhan and yesem..sexiest face ever.. eyes lips and all yeh..realistically isn’t saruhan a stronger actor and sexier than kivanc tatlitug
  3. avatar
    sade30 March 2009 Reply
    i dont think so siham
  4. avatar
    siham30 March 2009 Reply you know that saruhan is among the top ten performers in turkey..kivanc is not on that list.. did you see the video clip rola/kivanc an diana/saruhan…saruhan maintained his level..kivanc demeaned himself..kivanc did not think properly when he took that project..besides saruhan’s eyes are sexier and warmer than kivanc’s..
  5. avatar
    siham31 March 2009 Reply
    i do not believe this..u guys and gals out there do not recognise quality work..such a big deal was made over gumus..why i do not see it..ihalmunar altinda with bulent inal was much better..even though it was not that realistic…quality work like kaybolan yillar with saruhan/yesem…is not recognised and talked about that not forget burak hakki too…the jealous mennise…all of you need their quality senses and appreciation re-evaluated…
  6. avatar
    salma2 April 2009 Reply
    i love nadine asmar ali
    et le film wa tamdi al ayam
  7. avatar
    siham3 April 2009 Reply
    salma.. i agree with you..great cast..of kaybolan cannot help but watch to see what comes nest..anyone out there who can tell me how and were can i purchase kaybolan yillar.serce..greatly appreciated
  8. avatar
    Turkish boy5 April 2009 Reply
    As i turkish boy ill tell that this serie was a real flop in the turkish tv. With all the promotion, and aired in one of the biggest turkish channel, the serie listed as a “C” serie. People really refused to watch it. Kaybolan yillar is still one of the worst and biggest dissopented serie in turkish history. Even the director statement conformid the the serie was a real flop——–
  9. avatar
    Turkish boy5 April 2009 Reply
    Go to wikipedia turkish wikipedia and read about Kaybolan yillar .
    in my opinion is one of the worset serie ever in turkey. its very lame
  10. avatar
    siham6 April 2009 Reply
    is it really your opinion turkish boy..what was the director’s comment..can you provide the link to that quote..i would like like you to cretique kaybollan yillar in an intelligent way..what was lame about it..the production/the cast/story line..or maybe you found lame because the show was done in dignified refer to yourself as turkish boy.. my take is that you did not reach the level were you can appreciate good work from lame my opinion menekse ile halil was very lame so was you agree turkish boy..or what
  11. avatar
    salma8 April 2009 Reply
    belle film
  12. avatar
    Anonymous11 April 2009 Reply
    ma fi she terke behse3 , ana besma3 terke min zamen …..
  13. avatar
    siham12 April 2009 Reply
    hi Anonyme..ana mitleke besma3 turckie min zaman..bas bakhalfek ilraey..fe beshe3..mathalan..aski memnu..menekse ile halil that was ubruptly cut off at 35 espisodes..all the other turkish art and artists are between ok and Saruhan Hunel..maybe that part of his ancestry is Iraqi from his mom side adds more spice to delicious..yum…
  14. avatar
    siham14 April 2009 Reply
    i just finished watiching the last volume of yatamdi il ayyam in turchie.. great strong ending..way stronger and better than gumus..gumus last volume was sooo week and boring it put me to sleep..the semerio writer sergin aykas did a very nice job..saruhan was exquisite.. yesim…very…very..very..nice job..burak..nice job..all in all a to see you in new works….
  15. avatar
    siham15 April 2009 Reply
    how about a comparison between the work of saruhan hunel and kivanc tatlitug…anyone objective enough…to discuss..put aside the cover/i mean looks/ ..even though i find saruhan a gorgious looking man..
  16. avatar
    Anonymous18 April 2009 Reply
    j’ai trop aimé la série ,et je voudrai vraiment l’acheter en dvd !!!!!!!!
  17. avatar
    Anonymous18 April 2009 Reply
    siham !! je vois que vous aimer trop ( asmer )!!!! et je sens que vous voulez vivre une telle histoire pour qu’elle sera sculpter en mimoire !!!
  18. avatar
    Anonymous18 April 2009 Reply
    tu te sens si faible siham , mais tu dois etre sur et capable !!!!!!!
  19. avatar
    siham19 April 2009 Reply
    Anonyme..i did not get any of your comments..english or arabic please..on april 15, saruhan was in amman jordan..nice appearance with karazoon,,jordan loves saruhan…
  20. avatar
    Mariam19 April 2009 Reply
    Diana is ugly and fat rola is gorgeous. Kivanc is sooooo cute but asmar is ordinary!!
  21. avatar
    siham19 April 2009 Reply
    Mariam apparently you need your vision checked..Diana is a very beautifull woman..the size you wear must not define you..on artistic levels.. Diana beats Rola in Kivanc you might think he is cute..and on accomplishment levels,,2 more flops menekse ile falil and aski memnu..maybe he should stick to tv ads,,and stupid video clips with Saruhan..he is the ultimate gorgeous person..don’t you in arabic we say ya asmar ya tamer hindi,,fikrik leish..liannoh tamer hindi is refreshing and very very tasty..
  22. avatar
    siham24 April 2009 Reply
    well friends…if you know the turkish language “serce” is a must see..yes saruhan hunel is the star …another a plus plus performance..when i come across another show for yesim buber i will tell you about it..i do hope mbc will pick serce up and translate to arabic too..hazzan sa3eedan ya saruhan..with new work..
  23. avatar
    siham25 April 2009 Reply
    Anonyme..wa tamdi el-ayyam is availble on dvd but it is in the turkish language…i am sure that mbc will produce the dubbed in arabic after the show is over…if i was in the shoes of mbc..i would air the show again on mbc+ someone who saw the complete show in turkish..i can assure you that they eliminated a lot of seens..but i think this is rakabeh,,even though what they eliminated is not offensive or bad..
  24. avatar
    sara27 April 2009 Reply
  25. avatar
    siham28 April 2009 Reply
    don’t u love those warm sexy eyes..i do
  26. avatar
    siham1 May 2009 Reply
    merhaba canem…cok guzaz..Saruhen ve Yesim…
  27. avatar
    Melisa1 May 2009 Reply
    I love Kaybolan yillar and i love Saruhan hunel<<333,Yesim buber<33, and Burak hakki<333
  28. avatar
    siham2 May 2009 Reply
    Melisa you should see Serce ..the star is also Saruhan Hunel …and may I add he is just fantastic in Serce too.
  29. avatar
    mirna8 May 2009 Reply
    ich liebe dich asmar du bist mein alller gröter traum
  30. avatar
    mirna8 May 2009 Reply
    Ich liebe dich asmar ich träume nur von dir du bis
  31. avatar
    Mirvet8 May 2009 Reply
    asmar ich liebe dich ben seni seviorum askim asmar ich liebe dich kuss ich vermisse dich über alles habibi i love you asmerben seni cok cok cok cok seviorum asmar
  32. avatar
    siham9 May 2009 Reply
    du liebte esmar or du liebte saruhan..bende saruhan seni cok seriviorum kardicim..
  33. avatar
    isis215612 May 2009 Reply
    hey guys, im just so happy to find this posts… i too love KY, love it to bits, even though i dont understand arabic or turkish i still watch it, some friends over at youtube, translate it for me, and i will just follow the action and body language… great work from all the actors i should say, really good, saruhan has very good facial expression and so does yesim very nice face, so pretty and so full of emotions…. anyway now im looking for dvd even if it is in turkish or arabic, where can i buy it in abu dhabi? please help… although the best thing would be a copy with english translation that would really be perfect although i know its close to impossible. thanks guys for the help
  34. avatar
    siham17 May 2009 Reply
    isisi 2156 i had a typo i ment to tell you Kaybolan yillar did not come out in arabic yet. i have the turkish version of it
  35. avatar
    sousou27 May 2009 Reply
    i love you very much ya asmar inta w ghazal …. bas aali laeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bekraho ktir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. avatar
    diala27 May 2009 Reply
    ya asmar inta achj3 zalami shefto bi hayati w bekrah belghar la inno ddeek byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
  37. avatar
    siham29 May 2009 Reply
    great show isn’t it such loyalty never happens in real life..but one hopes that out there might be Ezo, Esmar and Ali
  38. avatar
    jackie31 May 2009 Reply
    i would love to meet surhan or asmar his my favorite .who knows where he lives i need to know please emai me to ilive in canada and love to meet this man so please help me.thank you
  39. avatar
    siham1 June 2009 Reply
    check his personal website it has his e-mail..he also has a facebook
    and my space pages
  40. avatar
    siham6 June 2009 Reply
    jackie did you the website,,his email address is listed on it,,
    you did not mention if you had any sucess on yr quest
  41. avatar
    Anonymous8 June 2009 Reply
    saruhen hunel
  42. avatar
    saruhen hunel8 June 2009 Reply
    asmr zuzow ali
  43. avatar
    siham16 June 2009 Reply
    it is esmar zezo and ali
  44. avatar
    Tzveta20 June 2009 Reply
    The best film and actors ,i lovet them
  45. avatar
    siham21 June 2009 Reply
    have you seen dadukatan kalbe it is great star is burak hakki aka far i see it is as intense as kaybolan yillar..
  46. avatar
    siham23 June 2009 Reply
    trivia for you in 1992 Saruhan Hunel and Yesem Bubur performed in a series that ran over 140 episodes,, I will tell next time so you can watch it it is nice,, it is only in turkish language
  47. avatar
    Anonymous4 July 2009 Reply
    sava asmar sava ali sava zizo
  48. avatar
    siham17 July 2009 Reply
    still no one can tell the name of the shpw,,they worked in harmony in it like kybolan yillar
  49. avatar
    David .22 July 2009 Reply
  50. avatar
    David .22 July 2009 Reply
    Opps on the comment on top but ummm Siham, you were deffinetly wrong about Menekse ile Halil & Ask-i-Memnu being lame because those were one of the best series in my opinion & Turkish Boy, you are wrong about Watamdi Al Ayyam being lame too because that made my list too … Just giving out my opinion ^_^ .
  51. avatar
    nour29 July 2009 Reply
    i love watamdi al ayyam and i think asmar is hot he is so cute i wish i could have him
  52. avatar
    Siham6 August 2009 Reply
    Hey David,,I did not refer to Kaybolan Yillar as a lame show.. I refered to Menekse Ile Halil and Ask Memnu as lame..I would like to suggest two strong shows in my opinion Asi and Dudaktan Kalbe,,let me know what you think about them once you have watched them…salamat..I respect your opinion..
  53. avatar
    Siham7 August 2009 Reply
    nour what kind of a sick wish is that, he has a wife and is nice to admire a performance in a a fan of an artist..but it should stop at that….
  54. avatar
    Siham15 August 2009 Reply something usefull..better than such day-nightmare…
  55. avatar
    David .13 September 2009 Reply
    Siham – Oh I see, well everyones opinion is their own opinion so I respect yours too. Even though to be honest, Menekse ile Halil and Ask-i-Memnu and Dudaktan kalbe made my list, accually, Dudaktan Kalbe is extremely good as well! I’m waiting for part 2 to come out!
  56. avatar
    arbona27 September 2009 Reply
    you is soo good gay qao asmer
  57. avatar
    siham11 October 2009 Reply
    David…I just finished season two of Asi.. you will really like it Tuba and Murat were fantastic.. strong show..let me know your opinion once you see it.. been very busy with achieving black belt six sigma I have not logged on akelhawa August 15…
  58. avatar
    shkurta11 October 2009 Reply
    Tung si ejni si kaloni kolmpimente per serin ‘Kaybolan Yillar’eshte nje ngjarje teper interesante ok ju pershendes shume shume Shkurta nga Kosova
  59. avatar
    siham17 October 2009 Reply
    dear asmar ,ali and gazael i realy like your film i watch it 3 times a day and i realy like it ,its like better than the other once
  60. avatar
    David .24 October 2009 Reply
    Siham – I’m still watching Asi, I’m half way there, haha, so far it seems like a fantastic show! Tuba and Murat are fantastic too! & that’s good to hear. :)
  61. avatar
    dulinarja9 November 2009 Reply
    ah esmer po i bukur je valla po qysh ishe kon leh ashtu bre ah valla llakum je te kisha pas me te qi nihere qitu isha knaq valla
  62. avatar
    dulinarja9 November 2009 Reply
    ej esmer a e ki edhe karin qysh je vet ne fytyr qashtu ne qofte qe e ki hajde bre nihere ne stamboll te shoh e ta marrim ni banes vetem e te qihem dit per dit kuku nan me ma pa pidhin tem sa te mir e kam
  63. avatar
    sandy11 December 2009 Reply
    everybody just do a favor and shut up !!!!!!!
  64. avatar
    sandy11 December 2009 Reply
    i did not mean kaybolan yillar the people who are talk about it fuck you people
  65. avatar
    zizo awwad8 June 2010 Reply
    my name is zizo and my friend name is nadine and we love you verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much we are from lebanon
  66. avatar
    zizo awwad8 June 2010 Reply
    i want to go to turkey just to see you
  67. avatar
    zizo awwad8 June 2010 Reply
    asmar i really like you me and nadine kiss kiss you
  68. avatar
    محمد القزيرى4 September 2010 Reply
    انا احب مسلسل العشق الممنوع واحب اسمر ويحى واموت فى مسلسل قصر الحب وانا اتمنا ان ادهب الى تركيا لرؤيتهم واهل ليبيا يموتون فى اسمر . عاشقة يحى
  69. avatar
    turkish9 November 2010 Reply
    I loooooooooove wa tamdi el ayam and mostlu asmar
  70. avatar
    ruruuuuuuu10 November 2010 Reply
    wa tamdi el ayam is like one of the bets turkish movies ever and i really love it. The world’s hottest actor is asmarrrrrrrrrr!!!!
  71. avatar
    ylli4 December 2010 Reply
    esmer bossi je shum i fort i love you edhe vjetllat i ki te forta i love you te dua
  72. avatar
    aicha17 April 2011 Reply
    ana ohibo film asmar wa zizo walakin la atafarajo fihi lianaho asmar yachodo daiman alkabos hihihiihi
  73. avatar
    Nada4 June 2011 Reply
    Well i love this seris soo much and asmr is soo cute and beautiful
    my relative is in love with him and she well never forget him
    and she says that asmr is her only love <3 :D
  74. avatar
    Nada4 June 2011 Reply
    wa tamdi el ayam is the best seris i ever heard in turkish i wish i could see it again here in Egypt :) :X
  75. avatar
    tanja17 August 2011 Reply
    Saruhan is the best.
  76. avatar
    anoname17 August 2011 Reply
    احلا حب اسمر وغزل
    بمسلسل وتمضي الايام
    المسلسل التركي

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