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See all the Turkish drama stars without plastic surgery.

14 22 182x300 See all the Turkish drama stars without plastic surgery. 3 65 199x300 See all the Turkish drama stars without plastic surgery.

A great success from the Turkish drama in the Arabic world, we saw Noor, Lamis,  Zaynab…[...]

And we began a great fans for them.

This great success was for the reality of these drama, the swetness, and the magic of the image and the stars of each drama, also all the turkish stars are without plastic surgery.

Check the magic of these actors!

And who is the most beautiful ??

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Comments (143)

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    kiko2 January 2009 Reply
    lamis is the most beautiful one,,,,
  2. avatar
    kiko2 January 2009 Reply
    and the best.
  3. avatar
    sade3 January 2009 Reply
    Many of them don’t have plastic surgery, they all beautiful but the most beautiful woman Hulya Avsar, she is an actor in Turkey.She is very popular in there and hasn’t got any plastic surgery
  4. avatar
    ashley3 January 2009 Reply
    all of them die for rola saad she is the sexiest girl i ever seen in the whole wide world
  5. avatar
    7777773 January 2009 Reply
    I think noor did her noose. songul
  6. avatar
    Tasnime4 January 2009 Reply
    lemiss is the most beautiful girl and zeynep is beautiful too but mouna is not beautiful
  7. avatar
    mariam6 January 2009 Reply
    layla a7la wa7de bayneton
  8. avatar
    banota w@w7 January 2009 Reply
    songul oden is soooooooooooooo beautiful girl and sooo pretty and soooo cute she is the best i see that and she is have moooooore fans than lamis hey al27laaaaaa songul songul songul
  9. avatar
    soso9 January 2009 Reply
    Lamiis is the most beatiful girL :D
    Lamiis 2iL amar w bas <3
  10. avatar
    Anonymous17 January 2009 Reply
    Tuba büyüküstün is best everrrr <3
  11. avatar
    Anonymous21 January 2009 Reply
    noor had a nosejob and her lipss too she’s the only one who had plastic surgery
  12. avatar
    Turkish girl22 January 2009 Reply
    Hi. As a Turkish girl I can tell you that all the Turkish actresses are 100% natural beauties, they did not have ANY plastic surgeries. Only Songül did have 1 nose job, but nothing else. Only her nose is fake, the rest is natural. But all the other Turkish actresses are 100% natural.
  13. avatar
    samar22 January 2009 Reply
    zeyneb ashmal wahde bitshanen kila jamel tabire….
    lamis kamen helwe ktir
    noor rinda shachsije awije ktir
  14. avatar
    lamiss we basss25 January 2009 Reply
    i thing inno lamiss ahla wehde fiyon kelon we ya rayta masalet ma3 mohanade we layla kamen helwe we zeinab kamen bas el ba2iyeh 3adehh
  15. avatar
    amel29 January 2009 Reply
    songul is beautiful girl and zeinab
  16. avatar
    siham31 January 2009 Reply
    ashly you need to check your vision if you think roka saad is the mist beautifull woman in the world..pls stop,,ha
  17. avatar
    SarahUSA3 February 2009 Reply
    Since you are Turkish, I trust your knowledge… would you pls. provide a list of the top 10 Turkish Soap Opera(TV Series)famous actors and actresses?.
    My other question to you is what was the reason behind Saruhan Hunel imprisonment? and is it true that his mom is from Baghdad??? very limited info is available about Saruhan. Many thanks in advance
  18. avatar
    sade3 February 2009 Reply
    ‘valley of the wolves’ number one tv series in Turkey millions people watched it. Hulya avsar is still very popular, kivanc tatlitug,beren saat,many of them very famous… i never heard saruhan hunel who is she?
  19. avatar
    SarahUSA3 February 2009 Reply
    All of the above actresses have a distinguished beauty, I believe the personality goes along with the beauty to set grading criteria. Thanks Sade for the given info …To the Turkish girl above or who ever has the info. What is the Top 10 best Turkish TV series actors and actresses as rated in Turkey? On the other hand, Saruhan Hunel (Esmer) is the star of “Kaybolan Yillar” Soap Opera, I would like to learn about his background.
  20. avatar
    Didi4 February 2009 Reply
    Lamis is the best
    Lamis w baaaaaaaas
  21. avatar
    didi4 February 2009 Reply
    the real beauty is to be sharm from outside & inside .to me songul oden is the one who is really beauty….SONGUL IS THE BEST
  22. avatar
    sade4 February 2009 Reply
    saruhan hunel divorced his wife because of she was cheating on him.about imprisonment, he was attacking and injured someone, news said,how it happened nobody knows, there is no much info. he was born in istanbul 1970.’saruhan hunel facebook’ u can get more info about him from some his fan have his mail adresses there
  23. avatar
    SarahUSA4 February 2009 Reply
    To Sade
    Thanks for the posted info. when you said his wife did you mean Sergin Akyaz the famous scenarist?
  24. avatar
    reem8 February 2009 Reply
    I was reading the above from Sade to SarahUSA, is it really true that this idiot Sergin Akyaz was cheating on Saruhan? Have you seen her picture??? If she doesn’t want him, I’ll GLADLY take him in a second. Please anyone, if you have Saruhan’s address, please please forward it to me. Thanks a lot.
  25. avatar
    Moe19 February 2009 Reply
    Arab girls are more beautiful than Turkish even without surgery Arab girls are amazing
  26. avatar
    jamila27 February 2009 Reply
    pleeeeeeeeeez any1 can tell me if is true that turkish actor saruhan hunel attacked his wife with a knife and he was sentenced 2 years in prison?
    any1 ??
    is it true thatshis latest seris “serce” was postponed because of this incident?
  27. avatar
    Mina1 March 2009 Reply
    I´m sorry Moe but Turkish girls are much prettier than Arabs. All of the Arabic stars have SOOO many plastic surgeries but they are still ugly and look FAKE. The Turkish stars are all NATURAL and very beautiful.
  28. avatar
    dina1 March 2009 Reply
    hi let me pls know more about saruhan hunel & his it true.I’m waiting 4 ur info
  29. avatar
    amal younes2 March 2009 Reply
    I think Zeinab is the most beautiful, but I dought she didn’t make her nose. by the way does Saruhan Hunel has an e.mail? Pls reply
  30. avatar
    melo4 March 2009 Reply
    Hello i read from a turkish site yeah it seems like true this saruhan hünel did something cause he is thinking that her wife is cheating on him..
  31. avatar
    dina4 March 2009 Reply
    hi Melo thank u 4 ur info.unfortunately I don’t know turkish.if u know please search this phrases in internet:”saruhan hunel mahkeme” & translate more info about his court to us.
  32. avatar
    tina10 March 2009 Reply
    songul is the best from inside and outside and very chic….and Lamis is nbeautiful but not attractive…
  33. avatar
    tina10 March 2009 Reply
    if lamis was acting with kivanc im sure the series didn’t have this success….no charisma..
  34. avatar
    tara13 March 2009 Reply
    I just saw saruhan hunel’s wife pic… She’s I dont want to say ugly but SHE cheated on HIM??!?!?!?!? What was she thinking? Is she blind?
  35. avatar
    yasamin15 March 2009 Reply
    of course tuba (lamis ) the best and she is very very beautiful and very very attractive , very pretty and she is the most beautiful in the world
  36. avatar
    nana3 April 2009 Reply
    i love them all expecialy noor zenab layla nermeen lamees bana lol love them all
  37. avatar
    nana3 April 2009 Reply
    lol <3 to all trkish actors love them all
  38. avatar
    Hilal4 April 2009 Reply
    Hi arab, my name is hilal.
    As a turk ill tell you that there are turkish stars having plastic surgery but most of them not. Like Zaynab has fake beauty more than 2, Noor has 1 only nose, n many more….
    And about the famous serie in turkey ill tell u like this.
    The most sussecful turkish serie that had shown in the arab world is‘valley of the wolves’ and then Gumus. the rest was just a failure in turkey. And To all arab, this serie was a hit in turkey 2.
    There r a lot of similar serie in Turkey like Gumus , But Gumus was and still is the most popular of them all. N Gumus has one of the strongest cast of a turkish serie. Alot of actress which is in the serie is very big in turkey. For the record this serie had the largest broadcast ever as a turkish serie, it was shown in a romanian tv, italian tv, brasilan tv, polish tv, hungarian tv, portugess tv, coloumbian tv, ecuador tv, german tv, austrain tv n in arabian tv. By the way Gumus(Noor)and Mehmet(Mohanad)s love is still a mystery in Turkey. Because there still r a strong rumor that they r a couple. N before a week ago, one of the biggest news paper in turkey puplished 2 pictures by them. N one more thing, if a serie is less then 65 eposide in Turkey. Then the serie was a failure . N if its less then 50 or if it 55 eposide then its a huge huge huge failure .
  39. avatar
    Ahmed5 April 2009 Reply
    Noor is the most beautiful of them all.
    She has a hot body, beautiful eyes, and her lips is just so sexy.
    While lemis is beautiful but her beauty is so cold. she not attractive as Noor.
    ill give everything to spend one night with the beautiful Noor
  40. avatar
    Elidee10 April 2009 Reply
    Hello everybody!ths 2 all turkish persons who are giving us information about favorit Tv stars in Turkey.I agree that turkish girls are natural beauties.It shows straight away when any plastic surgery is done! i m lebanese and i hate coz all our singers and actesses are like clonned!!! they all look like each other u never know which one started first!! i m so angry for SARUHAN HUNEL not as an actor but more like any normal person. I pray for him and send many good vibration to him. Fame can be lots of stress on actors and i sympathise with him.He s agood actor and he didin t need such a scandale at that point of his career. TURKISH friends keep us informed please. Thx in advance!
  41. avatar
    David17 April 2009 Reply
    I perfer Noor, she is the most beautiful and most attractive then all those turkish actress.N lamis n i dont think she is beautiful. she is so cold n her body remind me of cow/horse. Ill give everthing to feel noor lips n ass:::::
  42. avatar
    ezel12 May 2009 Reply
    احلى وحدة لميس طبيعية كتيييييييييييييييير وبتحس ببساطتها في الاداء :)والاخريات بتتفاوت درجات جمالهم
  43. avatar
    Turkish are so beautiful18 May 2009 Reply
    I think they are beautiful but Lamis is more Damaha dam arabi but they are all beautiful…I LOVE TURKEY!
  44. avatar
    öhhhöööö19 May 2009 Reply
    hey all im Türk and i just wanted to say that ”Hilal” who claims to be a Türk just plainly LIES. Gümüş has never been that popular in here and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ or Songül Öden was not known before Gümüş:)and a Türk never writes Zaynab it is just and only ” ZEYNEP^^ :DDDDD
  45. avatar
    amira18 August 2009 Reply
    all of you are so stupid i now every thing about noor,zaynab,lamis and all of the other stars and this website is ony for muslims because noor,zaynab,lamis and all of the stars are muslim
  46. avatar
    Anonymous19 September 2009 Reply
    ilove you lamiss
  47. avatar
    fifi25 October 2009 Reply
  48. avatar
    donna19 December 2009 Reply
    yesim buber er the best
  49. avatar
    adrian20 December 2009 Reply
    Anonyme on janvier 21st, 2009 at 0:36
    noor had a nosejob and her lipss too she’s the only one who had plastic surgery Do you think think you know everything? How can Songül’s lips have a plastic surgery? Are you blind? Does her lips seem to have any plastic surgery? I think you don’t know anything about the lips that had a plastic surgery. The lips having plastic surgery don’t seem like this. First search about how lips change after having plastic surgery. If you look at her very earlier photos you can see the same lips as now she has. And how can you know that lamis or the others didn’t have any plastic surgery? I saw Songül’s photo at very earlier ages and she’s the same and among all the others in the world she’s the most beautiful, the cutest, the most accrective, the most natural actress. And I think some people who write bad things about Songül only make this because of jealosy. Because a normal human being sees her beauty that she has much more than the others. I’m Turkish and in Türkiye Gümüş was the most popular series and is still being wanted to be watched. And both Songül Öden and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ are very popular and still they’re wanted to be watched together. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s after partners couldn’t and can’t have any concord with Kıvanç after Songül in Turkish people’s eyes. Today in Türkiye media tries to write always about Kıvanç not because of his popularity but because of his present series to make its ratings higher by plugging him generally at the days oh his series. Because media in Türkiye doesn’t write about Songül that she doesn’t play in any series now. And they don’t want her to be in media while Kıvanç’s series is going on. Because a lot of people want to see Kıvanç with only Songül and this gives harm to Kıvanç’s present series. So the popularity is not what media writes. And I only laugh to who says ‘Gümüş wasn’t popular in Türkiye’. It shows that how a jealousy can bring a human being to very deep. First they must believe that. How can a series that is not popular come to the 100 episodes and more particularly in Türkiye. Becauce Türkiye is such a country that if a series didn’t get a good rating from the 1. episode it can be cut at the two episodes. And to go on being broadcasted for a year it must have a good rating. And to go on being broadcasted more than 1 year it must have a very good rating. And Gümüş lasted for 3 years. How can they (who say it wasn’t popular) explain it? Not Ihlamurlar Altında and not the others went on more than 2 years. Their numbers of episodes are less than 100 episodes. In Turkiye there are only a few series lasted for over 99 episodes. And how can a series be disliked in its country while it’s loved all over the world? I know you’re doing (writing these silly things) because of a jealousy but does it worth to make yourself funny and seem foolish?
  50. avatar
    Aelita21 December 2009 Reply
    Amira do u have any problems with muslims? whoes falt that this beauties and sucsessful girls were born and rised up in muslim families? so, accept please and shut up.
    by the way nobody told to get out from here to the people of other religion, ok! so you always welcome here, but dont push too much! sister!
  51. avatar
    neşe22 December 2009 Reply
    I’m Turkish and who mooted the idea that Songül had a plastic surgery from her nose.Don’t you see there’s no difference between her old photos and the new ones. And also she told in her interwiev that she gave to Bulgarian Elle Magazine she didn’t find good having plastic surgery. So how can a person have a plastic surgery while she or he doesn’t like to have it. But I don’t know if the others (lamis, zaneb, nermin,…) had or not.
  52. avatar
    neşe22 December 2009 Reply
    By the way I forgot to tell my opinion. Of course and definitely Noor is the most beautiful actress of not only those but of the world with her natural, cute beauty as most of the people think.
  53. avatar
    wissal tlili2 January 2010 Reply
    i think that tuba is the most beautiful
  54. avatar
    Zainab6 January 2010 Reply
    Hello 2 all ma online frnds,jst searchin thru nd came across ur dialogue abt turkish series.i am an arab 4rm d northern part of nigeria popularly known as d shuwa 4rm d word shuai i.e few,so i also like their series vry wel bcos i understand wat dey of my opinion i dont kno why i jst dont like dis lamis bt rather tuba nd mirna.waitin 2 here 4rm u al.bye
  55. avatar
    Zainab6 January 2010 Reply
    Hello 2 all ma online frnds,jst searchin thru nd came across ur dialogue abt turkish series.i am an arab 4rm d northern part of nigeria popularly known as d shuwa 4rm d word shuai i.e few,so i also like their series vry wel bcos i understand wat dey of my opinion i dont kno why i jst dont like dis noor bt rather tuba nd mirna.waitin 2 here 4rm u al.bye
  56. avatar
    lana6 January 2010 Reply
    I love you all specially noor and tuba I hope them all the best things ………
  57. avatar
    Zaynaba8 January 2010 Reply
    Hey, is it true that kivanc tatlitug is going to release a new drama very sooooon?need a quick reply pls frnds
  58. avatar
    arlind9 January 2010 Reply
    the most beautiful is tuba buyukustun,but in these photos the most beautiful is selin demiratar.
  59. avatar
    Zaynaba15 January 2010 Reply
    Tuba and mirna are the best!
  60. avatar
    Leyla12 May 2010 Reply
    Omg, wat is wrong with all u people? How can u say dat bout all dese actors& actresses?!?! Wat are u guys talkin bout, i think dat tuba, songul, zeynep&all da other people are very beautiful & u guys r just killin it!! Every 1 dat is sayin bad things are all losers! Ok. So shut up- retards, u guys act so dumb !!!!! All of dem are beautiful i dont care if dey had or didnt have plastic surgery!!! Wat da hell is wrong with u people?
  61. avatar
    Anonymous23 May 2010 Reply
    hi mirna is the most beautiful
  62. avatar
    aminatu23 May 2010 Reply
    mirna is the most beautiful
  63. avatar
    chahrazed25 May 2010 Reply
    lamis is the best 4ever
  64. avatar
    merro30 May 2010 Reply
  65. avatar
    tugce1 July 2010 Reply
    Tugba Büyüküstün kadar güzel bir kadın var mı yaaa…
  66. avatar
    Halima Abdulrahman Sharfaddin6 July 2010 Reply
    According to me all the turkish actresses are beautifull, even the recent ones Rasha,Mirna, and AAliye,i like their simplicity because it looks like real,but the most beautifull among them is both in the soul and the acting is SONGUL………
  67. avatar
    TUBA MY TWIN23 July 2010 Reply
  68. avatar
    ashley28 July 2010 Reply
    asli tandogan is the beeeeeeeeeeest eva :):):)
    she is soooo preety mashallah
  69. avatar
    Elena20 September 2010 Reply
    Doesn’t enyone think that Beren Saat is more beautiful than all the above mentioned actresses?
  70. avatar
    HAYA16 October 2010 Reply
    OH GOD
  71. avatar
    HAYA16 October 2010 Reply
    (SAMAR IN Ask-i memnu) with muhannad :D
  72. avatar
    ali3 November 2010 Reply
  73. avatar
    tarik14 November 2010 Reply
    i think that racha in possible love is the most beautiful iwatched just in this serie actually is the best
  74. avatar
    leyla29 November 2010 Reply
    I think lamiis is the qeuin of the beauty
    I just love turkish drama love them all
  75. avatar
    Kahramon1 December 2010 Reply
  76. avatar
    كس11 January 2011 Reply
    طيز اسود بانقب
  77. avatar
    sara26 February 2011 Reply
    walla lamis is very nice and pretty actress she is so nice and cute girl among the turkish girl and actresses
  78. avatar
    Anonymous16 April 2011 Reply
    Hey every body nadia or nazli or nehir erdogan is the best actress by playing in the turkish popular series yabanci damat or in arabic algharib it’s not my opinion only but the opininion of all the turkish public and in turkiye yabanci damat was the most succesful series and also in greece and bulgaria and romany…and gumus was very bad and aski memnu was good also and asi and if you search on google for the images of the best turkish actresses you’l see nehir erdogan the first. Me wen i watched gumus i think that he is the best series but then when watched yabanci damat i forgot all the other series and the music of yabanci damat was the best music in the world and singed by ozgur cevik so for all please watch yabanci damat and then give you’re opinion pleaeeeeeeese watch yabanci damat it’s amazing i’m giving my opinion because all the others series lik gumus ihlamurlar altinda…and yabanci damat is the best watch it and thankyou
  79. avatar
    Asmin16 April 2011 Reply
    Nehir erdogan is the most beatiful actress in the world she is very hot and young and she feel in love with ozgur cevik in reality and yabanci damat orr algharib is the best series and the best music in the world please nese watch yabanci damat or algharib and give me your opinion i want to becam your friend and nihal or hazal kaya is very beatifyl tuba buyukustun also and beren saat and tuba unsal and my best actor is ozgur cevik and he is a singer also and kivanc tatlitug real girl friend name is hazal kaya
  80. avatar
    Nadia17 April 2011 Reply
    Nehir erdogan is the most beautiful actrees in the world she is amazing and she is the best actress and she is very soul i love her very much and songul oden is very bad my friend on facebook is turkish her name is nebehat she tell me that in turkey nehir erdogan is the most famous and popular actress in the world nehir erdogan is in algharib or yabanci damat
  81. avatar
    Anonymous5 May 2011 Reply
    lamis no one else
  82. avatar
    Anonymous5 May 2011 Reply
    tubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    no 1 else
    ok tubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  83. avatar
    Turkish girl9 May 2011 Reply
    Hello i’m a turkish girl i wan’t to sad that all the turkish actresses are 100% natural and these are the list of the best turkish actress: 1_NEHIR ERDOGAN 2_hazal kaya 3_Tuba büyüküstün 4_bergüzar korel 5_beren saat… By turkish actress i can said that nehir erdogan is the most beautiful and the best turkish actress. And here in turkey the most famous series are:1_yabanci damat(he win a very big numbers of oscars not only in turkey but in greece…)2_aski memnu 3_asi 4_balkan dugunu… Thanyou!!
  84. avatar
    Koko9 May 2011 Reply
    Hello every body of course Nehir Erdogan is the most beautiful actress now one else she’s very young and soul and she has black hair or brown dark hair brown dark eyes, height:174 cm this is the reality nehir erdogan is the must beatiful actress and also more than angelina julie and all the other actress are zero and she has a very good voice nehir singed a duo with Özgür Çevik “firtina” and also another songs so nehir erdogan is the best turkish actress¤ this ir the reality
  85. avatar
    Asmin15 May 2011 Reply
    Nehir erdogan is very good and she is he wife of ozgur cevik he is my best turkish actor and singer and nehir erdogan is the most beautiful turkish actress in the world
    • avatar
      f47li6jqo@gmail.com10 April 2014
      If I coitunmcamed I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.
  86. avatar
    MiiRƋ MƋGHRiiBiYya4 June 2011 Reply
    Songul Oden
  87. avatar
    issrae2 July 2011 Reply
    for me old the turking grils are beautiful lamisse nirmin noor zinab but the truet is that lamisse the mosta beautiful yurking gril because she normul she do no maka one her face she’s naturél and i love her and i think that she give very good lock for the turking pepoele lov
  88. avatar
    issrae2 July 2011 Reply
    for me old the turking grils are beautiful lamisse nirmin noor zinab but the truet is that lamisse the mosta beautiful yurking gril because she normul she do no maka one her face she’s naturél and i love her and i think that she give very good lock for the turking pepoele love you tuba
  89. avatar
    rayan3 July 2011 Reply
    lamia is the best in acting
  90. avatar
    rayan3 July 2011 Reply
    asli <3
  91. avatar
    nazli17 July 2011 Reply
    nehir erdogan is the best actor everrrrrrrrrrrr she amazing>>> great>>> cool theres no word can discribe her beauty lov her sooooooo much and her movies yabanci damat and okul are amazing……and also mehmet gunsur and ozgur cevik are sooo successful and handsome i wish them all the success and the else are sooooo normol
  92. avatar
    nazli17 July 2011 Reply
    only nehir erdogan(best girl0 and mehmet gunsur(handsome and cool)..ozgur cevikkk are the best ozgur has a( great voice )lov them >33333333333333333333333333333
  93. avatar
    nazli19 July 2011 Reply
    mehmet gunsurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr <3333333 4 evr love him a
  94. avatar
    rayan24 July 2011 Reply
    asli tandogam is the best
    i like all the actors but asli is the one that i liked the most between all the turkish actors <3
  95. avatar
    دلوعه بنت ابوها انا24 July 2011 Reply
    انا كتير زعلانه لانو مش حاطين صوره بيرين سات
    سمر اللي مثلت بالعشق الممنوع انا كتير زعلانه
    ما حطيتو صوره شبيهتي سمر
    انا مخاصمكم
  96. avatar
    دلوعه بنت ابوها انا24 July 2011 Reply
    او ماي جاد
    ولكو بيرين سات التركيه قمررر احلا وحده فيهم ليش مش حاطينها
    وسمر احلا ممثله بالعشق الممنوع شبيهتي
    خلص انا زعلانه ما بدي احضر مسلسلات تركي لانو مش حاطين صوره شبيهتي
    ها انا زعلاني
  97. avatar
    tanja26 July 2011 Reply
    Saruhan Hunel is the good of acting, is the most beautiful man on the Earth.
  98. avatar
    amelie1 August 2011 Reply
    i cant belive you didnt put beren saat on the list shes way more beautiful than tuba and the rest of them, and about songuls nose its obviously fake but it was worth it
  99. avatar
    anoname1 August 2011 Reply
    يا اميلي صوره بيرين سات تحت
    archives اضغطي على تحت الصفحه
  100. avatar
    mally from jordan1 August 2011 Reply
    were is beren sat ?
  101. avatar
    silva5 August 2011 Reply
    i am trying to find a turkish movie in 80=90s but i dont remember the title .its about a turkish man who marries a foreign woman.she wants to be a devoted musliman.she is blond ,very beautiful. please help……….
  102. avatar
    Anonymous15 August 2011 Reply
    BEREN SAAT SHE’s the most beautiful
  103. avatar
    nazli22 August 2011 Reply
    only nehir erdogan she’s perfect actress beleive beren saat is so ugly without make up you can check her out but i like her personality in acting just no more………and hey what about ezel he’s so hot even more than kivanc tatlitug
  104. avatar
    nazli22 August 2011 Reply
    yeah and also mehmet gunsur (mostafa)he is hot and cool too:p :-)
  105. avatar
    nazli22 August 2011 Reply
    hazal kaya is more prettier that beren saat a lot…..
  106. avatar
    anfel23 August 2011 Reply
    lamis Est-ce la plus belle fille
  107. avatar
    nazli23 August 2011 Reply
    ezellllll w bas :-))))
  108. avatar
    nazli25 August 2011 Reply
    ali in ezel is so funny i like him :):):)
  109. avatar
    Asma27 August 2011 Reply
    Wow i lyk ol d turkish actresses.i wtchd ol dere series n dy re ol amazing,but i hate beren saat she is d mst ugliest of al.i lyk noor,dana,bana,muhanad,layla,zaynab,manar,asma,aliye,nadia,nihal,rasha,dina,malak,shereen…infact ol of dm.waitn 2 c ur posts.i love turkish and cn any1 te5 me ltst news abt d celebs.‎انا احبكم
  110. avatar
    LAYLA30 August 2011 Reply
  111. avatar
    layla31 August 2011 Reply
    tuba songul zaynep ve neiher erdogan all beutiful ve ezel
  112. avatar
    nazli4 September 2011 Reply
  113. avatar
    nazli4 September 2011 Reply
  114. avatar
    nazli4 September 2011 Reply
  115. avatar
    tuba fan12 September 2011 Reply
    tuba is the best,she still number one, beauty ,and good acting
    the most prettiest girl in the world
    for the girl who says beren is more beautiful than tuba
    see this beren without make up and give your comment after ok
  116. avatar
    Ниязбек29 September 2011 Reply
    Как можно попасть Турцию? я хачу там работать как преподаватель по сценречу. Хотел спектакль поставить.
  117. avatar
    rayan5 October 2011 Reply
    hi,today i read every ones coment and i new that every one of these people had saw movies for some of the turkish actors and every one wrote his how he see his actore in there hon way!!!!
    and i see asli tandogan or lamia is beuatiful!
    i watched other actors but i liked asli the most!!!!:)
    thank you
  118. avatar
    rayan5 October 2011 Reply
    why i’m the onley one who liked lamia or asli tandogam !!!!!! ha
  119. avatar
    Saraa abdulqadir osmn8 October 2011 Reply
    All is beautiful and fintastik
  120. avatar
    Saraa abdulqadir osmn8 October 2011 Reply
    In the name of allah most chertionus and mercyful beace of allah be upon think all turish actors is the best and beautiful of the world
  121. avatar
    Amina R.Y/ Nigeria1 November 2011 Reply
    Tuba is soooo…. Beautiful, sheren is also a damsel
  122. avatar
    Anonymous1 November 2011 Reply
    berin saat is he most beautiful and natural girl
  123. avatar
    مساء الخير1 November 2011 Reply
    of course
    يعني طبعااا
    بيرين ساات اجمل واحلا الجميلات واجمل امراه على وجه الكره الارضيه
  124. avatar
    Narjisse5 November 2011 Reply
    tubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we bass we leba2i khass
  125. avatar
    .rim.26 November 2011 Reply
    no your not the only one who loves lamia\asli “rayan” most people love her more than any actress in the world _and im one of these people _ bcz she’s so beautiful she has the most dramatic eyes she is very good in acting and she’s……………
  126. avatar
    koki10 December 2011 Reply
  127. avatar
    Anonoymous13 December 2011 Reply
    I think that Tuba is the prettiest turkish actress ever. Songul is not pretty and neither is Beren Saat. I hate Beren Saat. She thinks that she’s all that. And Beren is too into herself. Tuba is not though. She is the best turkish actress ever. Cansel and Lamis forever. Amir and Asi forever.
    • avatar
      Anonymous4 February 2013
      you are craziest in the world u dont know berren has natural beauty but tuba go through many surgeries her nose lips and infact lips berren is classic beauty fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolish any way i am from pakistan and here are also beauties
  128. avatar
    nasrin16 December 2011 Reply
    tuba buyukustun (lamis) is the most beautifull turkish actress,as murat yildirim said her beauty was the reason of asi series success
  129. avatar
    nasrin16 December 2011 Reply
    i absolutely am agree with you(anonymous)
  130. avatar
    Menny26 December 2011 Reply
    Lamis is beautiful &very natural but Beren saat is more attractive &sexy and in the play she is so cute
  131. avatar
    rayan29 January 2012 Reply
    thank u for the people that they like asli
  132. avatar
    helen1 March 2012 Reply
    i from iran and i watched aski memnu.i think the best film in 2010.i like beren saat and she is more beautiful than hazal kaya…..
  133. avatar
    webdesign maroc27 March 2012 Reply
    Thank you a lot for sharing this with all people you really recognize what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my website =). We may have a hyperlink exchange agreement among us
  134. avatar
    maryam ibrahim mahdi19 April 2012 Reply
    i think lemis is the best.can somebody tell me her real name?
  135. avatar
    maymuna muhammad19 May 2012 Reply
    Kivanc is my star so far in turkish series, hes d best of d best, no 1 lke him 2 me. Amg d latest i like lamis a natural buety also beren saat in fatma n ask-i-memnu. Kudos 2 all turkish actors n actresses maymu 4rm Nigeria.
  136. avatar
    Anonymous17 June 2012 Reply
    Selin Demiratar is the most beautiful from other actor by everything.
  137. avatar
    Anonymous12 July 2012 Reply
    Lemis is the most Beautiful Girl with out Ethiopian Girls I really love her I love u lemise
  138. avatar
    Mary13 August 2012 Reply
    I think that Tuba Buyukustun is the most beautiful turkish woman I’ve ever seen…she’s just amazing…I love her style, she’s so pretty…
  139. avatar
    SEG26 August 2012 Reply
    Most Turkish girl on TV get Nose Jobs, But that’s it! NOTHING ELSE.
  140. avatar
    Anonymous14 September 2012 Reply
  141. avatar
    jennifer29 November 2012 Reply
    As 4 me bren is the most beautifull one

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