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What happened to Eva Longoria??!!

Eva Longoria New Look !!

image01 247x300 What happened to Eva Longoria??!!

Lately, Eva Longoria took a few kilos.

what has happened? Release due to marriage? Beginning maternity?

No, absolutely not!!! If the actress has grown somewhat, it is upon the request of the producers of “Desperate Housewives.” The spokesman for the star said: “Gabrielle has gained weight (…). In ‘Desperate Housewives’, because she is now a caring mother who has two children. ” Everything is explained!

And not only that, Eva got to cut her hair for his new look in this new season of desperate housewives and It is her husband Tony Parker who had the onerous and arduous task to cut the first strand.

Ohh!!! It’s the BIG Love

Enjoy Eva Longoria’s neww look with her handsome husband Tony Parker

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